The 10 most visited countries in the world (part 1)

The 10 countries most visited by tourists in the world are those with unique culture, beautiful natural landscapes and unique cuisine that have attracted a large number of foreign visitors.


France leads the world in the list of most visited countries. This country often organizes attractive tours at many wonderful tourist destinations to attract travelers. These include tours to culturally central cities such as Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, or the Alpine Mountains, ski resorts, beaches, picturesque French countryside, gardens and many beautiful parks.

This country has 37 World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO. In France, the tourism industry contributes 9.7% of the country’s GDP. Of which, 30% is revenue from foreign tourists, the remaining 70% is from domestic tourists.

Not only is France the most visited country by foreign tourists, but its capital Paris is also the most visited city in the world.


America is a large country, attracting a large number of tourists to visit. Many American cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas are the most tourists.

The most prominent sights in America are the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Alaska magic land, Hawaii beach,…. Of the 29 states in the United States, tourism is one of the three industries providing the most employment opportunities for Americans.

The majority of tourists visiting the US come from: Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom.


Spain ranks 3rd in the list of the most visited countries in the world, this industry contributes nearly 11% to the GDP of the country. Most of the travelers in Spain are from European countries.

Spain has many extremely attractive tourist destinations such as the capital Madrid, the city of Barcelona – the capital of Catalonia, world-class resorts on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, many floating festivals. sounds like Carnival and the Running of the Bulls, the 15 national parks and nightlife in Spain are bustling.

Spain has 13 cities recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site of humanity, attracting foreign visitors with beautiful beauty and unique meaning.

Itinerary to check-in 6 cities in Japan in 5 days

If you choose to stop by Osaka or Kyoto, you absolutely can set foot in many interesting Japanese cities and towns in the Kansai area.

Among the four major Japanese islands, the Kansai area is home to many cities to visit and experience the most if you choose to stop by Osaka or Kyoto. In 5 days in Kyoto, we went to a total of 6 cities, honestly no joke!

Moving schedule
Kyoto is an important economic and tourist city in Japan, located in the Kansai region. From Kyoto, you can catch trains and buses to many neighboring cities easily. You can refer to the schedule to explore 6 cities in 5 days below:

Day 1: Kyoto – Uji, Osaka

From Kyoto Central Station, you can reach Uji city by train for about half an hour. There are no trains in the inner city of Uji, but you can still walk to the very sights of Byodoin or the Monogatari Museum of Tales. The atmosphere in Uji is extremely clean, the scenery is very peaceful. Uji is also a famous matcha land.
Visiting Uji until about noon, you take the train down to Osaka to visit, walking until evening taking the train back to Kyoto is just beautiful. Osaka is famous for street food such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki … and iconic large signs.

Days 2 and 3: Nara Heritage City and Kobe Port City

In the morning, it takes about half an hour from Kyoto to Nara by train. Nara is a heritage city, famous for its well-built temples. Walking along Nara Park, you will take a thousand pictures of romantic deer walking around the city.

Kobe is a city with a strong Western culture. Many great buildings and structures and hundreds of beautiful souvenirs you can buy. In Kobe, there is also Koshien Stadium, the dream arena for Japanese baseball players. If the economy is abundant, try the premium Kobe beef for once.

Day 4: Miyama town

From Kyoto to Miyama it takes about 2.5 hours by train combined by bus. From Kyoto, take the train to Hiyoshi Station and then change to Nantan City bus to go directly to town. The bus does not have English but very easy to find. Inside Miyama, you can take a leisurely half-day walk to visit the thatched roof conservation house and take pictures. The whole town has only one eatery, one cafe and one bakery shop. However, the atmosphere and scenery in Miyama are superb.
Days 5 and 6: Around Kyoto

Spend about 2 days for Kyoto to relax and visit, admire the scenery, eat and drink because Kyoto is both modern but ancient and not as noisy as Tokyo. By train or bus, you can go to famous places such as Kiyomizu bridge temple, Fushimi Inari temple, bamboo forest in Arashiyama beautiful riverbank … Divide the time into 2 days to enjoy running out of space in Kyoto as well as taking lots of photos.

Top brand new destinations most voted by tourists for 2020

Tripadvisor publishes a list of the most recently voted popular destinations by tourists for 2020.

Kaliningrad, Russia

A Russian enclave between Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad is known as Königsberg from its founding by the Teutonic Knights from the 13th century to the post-WWII. Coming to this city, do not forget to visit the 14th-century Königsberg church, visit the amber museum and buy souvenirs from amber.

Saranda, Albania

In the next few years, Saranda will be a famous destination attracting a large number of people who love sea tourism. This city possesses a beautiful white-sand coastline and vast olive forests right across the famous Greek island of Corfu, across the Ionian Sea.

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut attracts tourists with shopping, sightseeing and is known as the Paris of the Middle East despite the war still happening. Lebanese capital has been rebuilt many times with modern architecture mixed with vestiges of Ottoman and former French colony. Busy streets like Hamra and Ashrafieh have interesting night activities. The National Museum and Gibran Museum are history buffs. If you like walking, cycling, go to the Corniche.

Luxor, Egypt

Coming to Luxor, southern Egypt, visitors can experience flying a hot air balloon over the Valley of Kings. Don’t forget to explore the famous ancient structures located on the banks of the legendary Nile River.

Naoussa, Greece

Naoussa is a beautiful village in the northern Paros island on the Aegean coast. Visitors coming here do not forget to experience the network of maze-like streets, shops full of local produce and enjoy coffee by the beach, fresh octopus dishes and immersed in a Greek atmosphere.

Rugen, Germany

Rugen in the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, northeastern Germany. As Germany’s largest island, Rugen possesses countless terrains that challenge enthusiasts to explore, such as white sandy beaches stretching to steep cliffs. A beach resort built in 1818 is also one of the famous resorts here. In addition to the experiences in the sea, visitors can visit 2 more national parks, the castles, old royal mansions.

Monopoli, Italy

Lesser known than the neighboring towns of Alberobello and Ostuni, but Monopoli is still the interesting coastal town in Puglia. It has old churches nestled in zigzag, whitewashed alleys. The charm of this medieval town is also the old fishing ports and a series of walls painted white as well as golden sand bay with crystal clear seawater.

Famous tourist destinations in Russia (part 2)

Winter Palace

This is one of the typical architectural works of Russia. Winter Palace was built in 1753. Up to now, through many ups and downs of history, the basic architecture of the palace is still intact. The historic masterpiece palace was built on the efforts of more than 2,300 hard workers during the past 9 years. Having such grandeur, the Winter Palace had to mobilize many forces and money.

Puskin Museum

Puskin Museum is the national museum of Russian art. Puskin Museum was built in the early years of the 19th century. Up to now, it has undergone many different stages of development. This is a place where exhibits of highly academic art exhibits attract a large number of visitors. The museum is also honored to be home to many famous works of famous artists of the world and Russia.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is quite a special place. It lies on the quiet Neva River. Architecture of St. Isaac’s Church is considered a famous architectural – art museum of Saint Petersburg. The church is the 4th highest in the world compared to other churches. From the foot of the church to the top of the tower they measured to 101m. It is the architecture as well as the objects inside the church that Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is considered as a great architectural and painting museum of humanity that attracts Russian tourists to visit. In the overall architecture of the church, the dome of the church is made of pure gold.

Nurulla Mosque

Nurulla Mosque contributes to the list of buildings certified by Unessco as world heritage. Architecture Nurulla Mosque represents the private architecture of Islam.

Ostankino Tower

Ostankino Tower is the tallest building in the world (540m). The architecture of the tower is pointed like a needle reaching high into the sky. This is not only the antenna post of the Russian national television station, it is also a symbol of Russia. From the top of the tower you can see the whole of Russia.

Famous tourist destinations in Russia (part 1)

Russia is a country with the largest area in the world, spreading throughout the territory of Russia with a multitude of unique attractions and tourist destinations that are nowhere to be found.

Grand Kremlin Palace

This palace was built in 1475 in the center, on the left bank of the Moskva River, on the Borovitskii hill. The Grand Kremlin Palace quickly became a symbol of Russia’s tourism image. Today the palace is also used for political purposes. The top and top Russian agencies all have offices located here. The Kremlin is a historic complex overlooking the Red Square in Moscow, including the Kremlin palace, the Kremlin church, the Kremlin walls and the Kremlin tower. Grand Kremlin Palace is open daily to domestic and foreign visitors.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is considered one of the Russian tourist attractions that attracts a large number of international visitors. Visitors will be attracted by the special architecture of the church. Designed to resemble the shape of a fire, this architecture was later renovated and renovated. However, there is no other building in the world like Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

Red Square

Red Square is a Russian tourist destination that makes people here always proud, especially when Unessco has officially recognized the cultural and historical value of Red Square. Russian Square is quite convenient: right in the central square of the beautiful Russian capital. Built in the late years of the 15th century to date, Red Square has experienced many remarkable events in the history of Russia and the world. After many changes of name, the official name was Red Square. Around the square there are also quite a few works with meaningful legends.

Hermitage Museum

Ermitage Art Museum is the largest museum in Russia and the third in the world, after the Louvre Museum (France) and the Vatican (Italy). Founded in 1764, Ermitage exhibits 3 million artifacts, including works of art through the ages and antiquities of ancient cultures.

Summary information about sports tourism

Sports tourism is the type of tourism in which tourists come to participate in or watch sports-related activities. In sports tourism, the needs and preferences of guests associated with sports.

  1. Type of sports tourism customer

There are two main types of visitors: athletes directly participating in competitions at the Olympics, Worldcup or to areas with sports potentials such as climbing, skiing, hunting, swimming, etc. . They are proactive. In addition, the supporters view competitions and cheers as passive people.

  1. Benefits of sports tourism

The type of sports tourism is one of the types that bring huge revenue to the locality because it attracts a large number of tourists.

It is no coincidence that countries around the world are increasingly trying to host an Olympics, Worldcup besides earning profits is promoting the image of the country for tourism development.

We see that, for national or local travel business organizations hosting sports organizations, it is possible to actively welcome the participants of the competition (active sports tourists). .

Olympic Stadium CGI

But they are completely unpredictable but only predict the number of visitors (passive sports tourists). Therefore, within this scope, it can be assumed that travel companies must play a passive role.

In the current context, the target audience of tourists tends to grow rapidly, so from a passive perspective for this type of tourist, tourism businessmen must build predictability to ensure persuasion. , avoid providing excess or insufficient services according to the needs of visitors to watch sports activities.

The tourism effect from passive travelers is undeniable. Therefore, one of the nation’s main goals to win big sports events is not out of purpose as a major source of funding from tourists. The amount of other tourism to sports combined with local tourism is huge. Countries can on that occasion promote the culture, food, and places of interest to regain long-term tourism resources.

Information about online gambling in New Zealand

Online gambling is legal in New Zealand as long as the casino website is hosted abroad. The number of online casinos targeting Kiwi players is increasing every day, and there are now hundreds.

Make sure the casinos are licensed and justified. The most common licenses to track are the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Online casinos date back to 1994. That’s when Antigua and Barbuda started licensing, for those business entities, to start an online casino website. The first casino to receive approval was InterCasino. To provide the platform for online casinos, it was Microgaming that took on that task. For those who like the gambling activities of an online casino, they are reaping the benefits. Players can access their favorite online casinos whenever they want. It’s easy to deposit and withdraw money. There is a large selection of games. For those who want to play on mobile devices, there are lots of options.

What to do in New Zealand? We think you should try and experience the game at online casinos in New Zealand. Playing at an online casino is undoubtedly a safe form of gambling entertainment, offering players a choice of a trusted and licensed casino. Each casino has its own set of rules. It is essential that those who play at these casinos know what the rules are, and they follow them.

There is a risk with easy-to-access online casinos. Gamblers will spend too much financially. Each player is certainly responsible for knowing what his gambling limit is and not beyond this. Most online casinos have a responsible gambling section to support their players.

One of the reputable online casinos in New Zealand is 1xBet Casino. 1xBet Casino was founded in 2007. At 1xBet, you can find a wide range of classic casino games like Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, as well as sports betting.

1xBet Casino supports up to 40 languages. This allows players to understand the terms and conditions of each bet before they decide to make a deposit. And, in case you have a problem, you can contact the casinos in a few different ways, through customer support, which is available 24/7, via email, or you can request to call again.

Brussels city – Heart of Europe

Standing up from a small fortress town, today’s Brussels has grown so dramatically that the whole world is stunned. Not only is the capital of Belgium and the European Union, this city is also famous for its cultural diversity, language and so many “specialties” of stunning works that are hard to match. Focus Asia Travel with exploring this city of Brussels is nothing cool.

  1. Bronze statue of Manneken Pis
    Manneken Pis, also known as the Pee Boy, is a unique symbol of Belgium, with cultural meanings similar to the mermaid statue in Copenhagen.

This is a small bronze sculpture and fountain, about 60 cm high. There are many anecdotes about this boy, but the most famous story is about patriotism and courage.

The story goes that when the Spanish troops withdrew from the city of Brusels, which set fire to the city, then a little boy dared to stand up in the middle of a fire to be a “fireman”, extinguish the fire by ” peeing, “saving the city from being burned.

Manneken Pis is an indispensable character in the events of the city and will be dressed appropriately for each event. Manneken Pis’s wardrobe is very diverse from Santa Claus clothes, sports to traditional costumes of countries around the world.

  1. Atomium
    Built for the 1958 World Fair, Atomium is one of Brussels’ famous symbols. The building is located next to King Baudouin Stadium, Heysel Park, with a height of 102m and a total weight of about 2,400 tons.
  2. Brussels park
    With a total area of ​​250,000 square meters, Brussels Park is known as Europe miniature by gathering nearly 300 simulation models such as casting famous landscapes of more than 10 countries in the region.
  3. Magritte Museum
    Brussels has once again proved its prosperity to humanity by owning an advanced building like Magritte. To commemorate the famous artist René Magritte, the Museum is located in the Royal Square of Brussels with an area of ​​2,500m2 and was built entirely with the most modern, environmentally friendly techniques in the world.
  4. Palais de Justice
    Most travels to Belgium will visit this wonderful work of art. Palais de Justice (Palace of Justice – Supreme Court of Brussels) was built in 20 years, located on a beautiful hill and is considered the most important building in the country for its role. act as a witness to the history of Brussels.

5 Beautiful Waterfalls in The World

The fresh space of 5 beautiful waterfalls below will help you forget the troubles to feel the peace and freedom.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is about 1.7km wide and about 128m high, located on the Zambezi River, on the border between Zambia and Zambabwe in southern Africa. The waterfall was named by explorer David Livingstone in 1855, after Queen Victoria of Great Britain. This waterfall impresses visitors with the abyss is a crack from which water will pour into. Victoria Falls is one of Africa’s most popular tourist attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Iguazu waterfall

One of the falls on the border of two countries is Iguazu Falls. Iguazu Falls is located on the border line between Brazil and Argentina. It is the result of an erupting volcano leaving a large crack on the surface of the Earth. Iguazu is about 285 feet high or 87m but extremely impressive for those who have been here because it has 275 falls, forming a horseshoe and extending 8858 feet about 2700m.

Kaieteur waterfall

Kaieteur waterfall is the 123th tallest (226m) in the world but it ranks 19th in terms of water volume. This beautiful waterfall is the largest waterfall on the Potaro River in Guyana’s Kaietuer National Park. Kaieteur is 4 times taller than Niagara Falls and this is also the reason for creating the breathtakingly majestic scenery of this remote waterfall.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in the United States is widely known as a majestic and famous waterfall because it extends from Canada to the United States. Niagara is made up of two parts: Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and the American waterfall on the American side. They are separated from an island. If you admire Niagara Falls from Canada, you will find it more beautiful and vast because Horseshoe waterfall is about 2600 feet wide while the American waterfall is only 1060 feet wide.

Angel Falls

Owning an impressive height of 1070m, Angel is the highest waterfall in the world, and because of this height, the water droplets evaporated before reaching the bottom of the lake below. When you stand up from the bottom, you will not know where the water from the waterfall comes from. Unlike other waterfalls, Angel’s water does not come from melting glaciers or rivers and streams upstream, it comes from rainfall pouring down from giant tropical clouds.

Numerous Hotels in Japan Fell Into Crisis Because of Covid-19

The Osaka Corona Hotel is unusually quiet for the past few weeks.

Before the Covid-19 raging, Japan witnessed a boom in hotel construction and once raised concerns about the sustainability of the market. Kohei Fujii, the retail manager of Corona Hotel in Osaka, said they have noticed a large number of rooms being launched in the past few years. He predicted that many places would be difficult to exist.

Between 2015 and 2018 alone, Osaka added 21,000 new hotel rooms. Currently, many of these are vacant. One of them is the Corona Hotel. Kohei Fujii sighed as she sat in the empty cafe in the lobby. On the front desk is a beer bottle with a price notification but no customers.

Spring is always the busiest hotel season, Fujii said. Companies continually rent conference rooms and banquet halls to host seminars, trainings, and welcome new employees.

But when Covid-19 broke out, travel was restricted and businesses shut down, the number of bookings dropped to one-third from the same period last year. Another hotel experiencing the same situation is Vista Osaka Namba. Hisao Ikawa opened a 121-room hotel in February, the same day Japan encouraged schools to close across the country. Sitting in front of a giant mural depicting a golden tiger in the empty hotel lobby, Ikawa said that at this time Japan has almost no bright spot in attracting tourists.

In the ancient capital of Kyoto, a drop in international tourists is threatening the survival of many traditional inns, or small inns run by households.

Momoka Matsui is the fourth generation to run a family inn near the famous Nishiki Market. She said she recently received a lot of cancellation calls at a time when her inn should have been the most crowded – spring, cherry blossom season. Very few of her bookings can charge a cancellation fee. If this happens during the summer, the owner doesn’t know how to maintain the business. Her business has 100 employees, and many of them are being asked to stay home and receive government benefits, with two-thirds of their food.

The Kyoto Hotel Association, which represents more than 200 mid-sized hotels across the country, said it expects more bankruptcies this year if the disease continues to occur throughout the summer and the government does not rescue them.