Top World’s Most Beautiful Aquarium

If you are a lover of marine species, then surely you cannot ignore the list of the largest and most beautiful aquariums in the world.

L’Oceanografic Aquarium, Spain

Located in Valencia, Spain, L’Oceanografic Aquarium can accommodate up to 42 million liters of water. This aquarium not only displays typical marine species such as sharks, dolphins or stingrays, but also displays a variety of other organisms including mammals, birds, reptiles, and invertebrates. living. The entire aquarium is divided into 10 areas displaying ten different types of marine ecosystems such as temperate, tropical, and polar ecosystems. The aquarium also has a mangrove swamp with over 80 different plant species. L’Oceanografic’s unique architecture is designed by Félix Candela, a talented architect.

Aquarium in Genoa, Italy

With a capacity of more than 4 million liters of water, the Aquarium of Genoa is Italy’s largest aquarium and also the largest aquarium in Europe. In Genoa, you can discover the characteristic creature of the Ligurian Sea in the North Atlantic and the coral reefs of the Caribbean. In addition to the attractiveness of marine creatures, the aquarium of Genoa also attracts tourists by its unique architecture. Built in 1992, Genoa Aquarium has so far attracted more than 1.2 million visitors a year.

Western Australia Aquarium

Western Australia Aquarium is located in Perth, Western Australia. Coming to this aquarium, you will discover the rich and diverse marine ecosystem of Australia as well as the beautiful marine species. The Western Australia Aquarium is also the world’s longest undersea glass tunnel. Walking along this tunnel, you will see sea creatures like turtles, colorful fish swimming around. In addition, Western Australia Aquarium also offers two extremely attractive services: watching whales outside the natural environment and swimming with sharks in the largest swimming pool in the aquarium.

Aquarium Monterey Bay, USA

The Monterey Bay has a total of over 100 fish breaks and accommodates more than 5.6 million liters of water and it welcomes more than 2 million visitors a year. Monterey Bay showcases thousands of typical marine flora and fauna species of the Gulf of California, USA such as kelp, jellyfish, stingrays, seahorses and sea fish. This is one of the few aquariums in the world that exhibits moon fish, bluefin and yellowfin tuna.

Beautiful shades of the symbol of Japan – Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji – the highest mountain and also the proud symbol of Japan. With perfect shape and symmetry, this is also a popular destination that attracts many visitors every year. Most of them come to climb the mountain and participate in the festival at the foot of the mountain held only in July 2 and 8 every year.

Not only is the favorite place for those who love climbing, Mount Fuji also possesses breathtakingly beautiful scenery, the challenge of all photographers here to record the most beautiful photos. Whether it is a warm or winter spring in cold weather, the beauty remains intact, only the individual nuances from time to time create the irresistible charm of this sacred mountain.

Spring pink is filled with flowers and flowers
Traveling in Japan in the spring, you will admire the view of Mount Fuji, which is full of colorful cherry blossoms and warm scenery that creates a harmonious picture of color, making people feel at home. Peaceful to strange. Also from April to May every year, the Hoa Chi Anh festival will be held at Fujikawaguchilo, Yamanashi district. At this time, the pink fields covered with brilliantly colored flowers will add to the breathtaking part of the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji standing behind.

There are such bright golden summers
This is the time of the blooming sunflowers fields around the foot of the mountain, you will admire the most colorful, vivid flowers like waving to people to enjoy the charming mountain landscape. This is it. If you want to catch the full view of sunflowers and Mount Fuji, you should visit the flower park on Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi.

Compensated in autumn red leaves
In the autumn, the scenery around Mount Fuji is covered with bright red wings by trees that have changed leaves. This is also the season that attracts the most tourists when annually, Mount Fuji is only open within 2 months for people and international visitors to visit or conquer the mountain. The maple leaves are gradually changing, flooding every corner, covering the landscape of the mountain. The white of the snow on the top of the mountain adds to the bright red color of the maple leaves, which captures the artistic souls of people when they come here.

Snow white winter on Mount Fuji
So what about winter? If you travel to Japan at this time, it seems that the surrounding space is also deposited to harmonize with its cold climate. Tuyet also quickly took over the entire mountain, from the top to the top of the mountain, creating a picture of a white mist. For those who prefer to be quiet, find their own heavenly space, winter is the most appropriate season, you can come here, watching the whole view of Mount Fuji covered in pure white snow and record the most magical moments of the surroundings.

The place to receive the earliest dawn on Earth
When the first sun of the sun flashed on top of Mount Fuji every morning, the sky would be dyed red, this scene was called Akafuji or Red Fuji. Considered a good omen is a new day, the Akafuji phenomenon is often portrayed through a poem or image typical of this country. Depending on the time and the weather, you can see this amazing phenomenon from many areas, East Shizuoka Prefecture or Oshino Hakkai (a stream of Mount Fuji) or at Lake Yamanaka in the morning. early.

The phenomenon of “Diamond Fuji” is amazing
Every year around the end of December (Eastern solstice), there will be a magical moment when the sun is rising and the summit of Mount Fuji meets, strangely coincident that Japanese people know as present. Diamond Fuji statue. The bright aura of the sun is like a sparkling diamond on the top of a mountain, attracting photographers from all over to hunt this wonderful moment.

Jewel Changi Singapore – Airport Wonders

Enjoy the amazing “wonder” Jewel Changi
Awarded the title of World’s Best Airport, in six years of operation, Singapore Changi Airport has just revealed its brightest jewel – Jewel Changi.

This $ 1.7 billion combination of travel and routine is built to attract more tourists to spend time at Changi Airport, as well as attract Singaporeans to turn the airport. Changi is part of a play area, relaxing for their free time.

The heat of this place is more than ever. Since Jewel Changi opened its doors to the public on April 11, this place has attracted a lot of visitors, many travelers from all over the island come to see Singapore’s latest location.

With a 40-meter indoor waterfall, lush green indoor forests, along with international top shops, Jewel-only and exclusive dining outlets, 10 floors of Jewel Changi are definitely worthy for you to go to Changi Airport. From beautiful attractions to worthwhile culinary experiences, here are 11 reasons why you should visit Changi Jewel!

  1. HSBC Water Vortex
    One of the centers of Jewel Changi, the 40-meter-long HSBC whirlpool is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

This beautiful waterfall cascades from the glass ceiling to the basement, with a nozzle refracting sunlight to create a rainbow. Created from recycled rainwater, the Rain Vortex line is collected at the source and used to irrigate surrounding gardens.

2.Shiseido Forest Valley
The lush greenery and prosperous flora are what you want when you get inside an airport – but the Shiseido Forest Valley makes those greens more unique. This five-story indoor rainforest has more than 100,000 large and small trees, creating tranquil landscapes that visitors can spend a lot of time exploring.

3. Children’s playground and unique art
In addition to shopping and dining outlets, Jewel Changi also has many different nooks and green spaces that you can avoid to rest in the crowds.

One of these spaces contains interesting surprises – from the children’s playground to the miniature gardens and even the art of arranging organic blends into the environment.

4. Enjoy all Michelin Guide dishes in one place
With over a hundred dining options open at Jewel Changi, and will expand even further by the end of this year, you’ll have a wide selection of international cuisine.

In addition to famous international food and drink chains such as Shake Shack, A & W, The Alley and Emack & Bolio, Jewel Changi also has a wide range of Michelin-listed restaurants.

List the essentials for backpacking trips

The items you need to bring for a backpacker depend on the distance you plan to travel, the location of the stop, and the weather in that place. Basically, the longer the distance traveled or the longer the travel time (or both) in the harsh weather, the better the amount of clothes, utensils, food, and water you bring with you. .

In general, the following items should be on your list:

Stoves and fuel
First aid kit
Kitchen stuff
Personal belongings
Shoes or hiking
Other items you feel necessary
Clothes according to the weather
Sleeping bag and sleeping cushion

Note: the list of items to bring when traveling below is designed for trips to remote areas, self-sufficient, requires good self-care to ensure health. Some of the items on this list may not be necessary for short trips, near crowded, developed areas like city parks. You should adjust the list according to preferences and characteristics of the trip.

Items for backpackers
For every traveler, a backpack is an indispensable “companion” on any journey. 30 to 50 liter backpacks are often used for night trips, the larger ones are for long trips that require lots of food, water, clothes, and equipment. Other important.

Sleeping pad
Headlight or hand-held, backup battery
Lantern (compact type)
Trekking sticks
Tent, tent pile, lanyard
Lining under the tent
Sleeping bag
Waterproof backpack bag

Clothes and shoes
Before the trip, check the weather forecast and make sure your clothes and shoes match those forecasted weather types. To cope with erratic weather changes, bring some more clothes. In addition, you should also consider the sun protection of clothing (UDF parameters) if your destination has a strong sun.

Cooking utensils

Food and water

Orientation device

First aid supplies and for emergency situations

Hygiene and health items

Sunscreen widgets

Utility widgets

Other traveling equipment and devices

Sports Tourism Trends

Tourism is now not only encapsulated in the concept of vacation or discovery. A new tourism trend is very popular, especially for those who like physical activity. It is sports travel which is both going out and exercising.

1. Marathon

Tourism combined marathon is quite popular today. There are many special marathon events around the world that attract a large number of attendees every year and also promote that local tourism. For example, on the occasion of spring in bloom, Gyeongju City (Korea) is holding a very unique marathon – cherry blossoms marathon. Attendees will participate in the running of the cherry blossom road in Bomun Lake area. This year’s festival attracted more than 1500 international visitors to this city.

2. Kayak

Currently kayaking is becoming more and more popular in different places because this sport is suitable for many terrain, whether it is in a lake or a cave. For those who are adventurous, kayaking over rocks or waterfalls is a challenging and exciting experience. For those who travel to rest, they can combine kayaking in the sea or lake to gently and relax their mind. The boat drifted lightly on the smooth surface of the lake and you leisurely took a look around.

3. Trekking

Trekking is a form of hiking that often traverses a mountain forest to see beautiful scenery. The duration of each trekking trip is different, depending on your physical condition, you can choose a 2-day-1-night, 3-day-2-night trip or more. Not only is it a nice walk, but also an interesting experience is night camping, food burning, and evening watching the stars. However, for trekking, it is required that participants must train their health well beforehand to be able to conquer difficult roads and absolutely must follow the instructions of the people led by dangerous mountain terrain.

4. Cycling

Cross-country cycling tournaments are a great opportunity to explore tourism. However, you don’t need to be a professional athlete to join this sport, cycling can be for anyone. If you are interested in exploring and having experience, cycling to conquer the mountain road or coastal road is a great experience of sports tourism. For the average person, instead of walking or sitting in a taxi, discovering a new city by bike is an interesting way to help you exercise at the same time.

Beautiful Korea in night scenery

Besides the dreamy scenery, popular Korean destinations during the day, you definitely shouldn’t miss the beautiful Korean scenes when night falls. In the daytime, romantic and romantic scenery is how much, when the night falls, the lights make this place become more sparkling and fanciful than ever. The beauty of Korea at night is a unique feature that makes the number of tourists coming to this country increasing.

Beautiful view of Korea at night is the best thing
Namsan Tower, Dongdaemun Night Market, Hangang River Cafe, Dolsan Bridge, Apgujeong Area, etc. are all familiar names for those who love the beauty of Korea at night? For those of you who intend to travel to Korea, you should pocket these places.

  1. Namsan Tower- South Korea’s beautiful scene symbol at night
    Namsan Tower, built in 1969, opened to tourist visitors starting in 1980, is not simply a television tower and the first radio station in the city, this is also the place to visit. attract a large number of tourists. This is one of the most beautiful Korean scenes at night that attracts most tourists thanks to its nighttime vibrancy, with 70 illuminated lights and constant color changes.

Besides the vivid colors, you can also sit the cable car up to the observation platform to see the whole beautiful scenery of Korea at night sparkling and fanciful in the bright lights.

2. Dongdaemun’s night life
Not only is the attraction at night, the bustle at Dongdaemun night market has also created a beautiful scene in Korea at night.

Dongdaemun Night Market is famous for numerous clothing stores, an interesting place to experience and admire the activities of Korean people at night. Coming here, you will feel like just waiting for the sunset to be hawker stalls, restaurants, shopping malls, concerts, fashion shows … The bustle and excitement here you only have can feel at night to see all the attraction of it. Dongdaemun Night Market is open daily from 20:00 to 05:00 am.

3. Enjoy the beautiful Korean scenery at night on the Hangang river cafe
If you want to see the western landscape of Seoul, you cannot ignore the unique cafe on the Hangang River. Unlike many cafes that open daytime tourists, the Lookout cafe on the Hangang River warmly welcomes many tourists to relax. With a beautiful, modern design, Lookout cafe is one of the most popular places to admire beautiful Korean images. The shop has many delicious drinks such as: tea, fruit juices or serving traditional dishes such as barbecue … Come to lookout, you can not only enjoy the beautiful view of Korea at night but also enjoy a piano performance monumental and completely free. The restaurant is open daily from 10:00 to 02:00 am to serve customers.

4. Dolsan Bridge
Located in the west of Jeolla Province, Dolsan Bridge is Korea’s longest cable car park, which is also one of the most beautiful Korean scenes that you can’t ignore every night. When night falls, the sparkling lights illuminate each other to create an extremely brilliant and magnificent scene. If traveling to Korea, don’t miss this place

5. Korean beautiful scenery at night in Han River
The Han River winds through the city of Seoul, which is also the place that divides the city into two parts: North and South River. North is a place to keep traditional values ​​with many palaces bringing solemnity and purity. South is again a highly developed economy with the Rich Gang nam district. It is this difference in development that makes the scene more diverse and attractive.

Enjoying the beautiful view of Korea at night in the Han River, you will not feel a bit regretful, the lights along both sides of the river and high-rise buildings on both sides make the scenery romantic but no less delicate.

Thailand Travel: Songkran Festival

Songkran is considered the traditional New Year of the Thai people. Every year, this country attracts millions of visitors thanks to this special festival.

The traditional Thai New Year starts on April 13 every year consisting of two ceremonies and festivals. The ceremony includes familiar activities such as cleaning the house, receiving Buddha statues around the city, and celebrating a Buddha bathing ceremony. In the assembly, Songkran brings many folk games and beauty contests. The difference in how to organize Songkran in each region attracts visitors to explore and experience.

Chiang Mai is the cradle of the Thai Songkran water festival. This is the place to preserve many art performances associated with the Lanna dynasty in Chiang Mai. Songkran in Chiang Mai usually starts from 12/4 which is called Wan Sungkharn Lohng day.

In Bangkok, Songkran has many differences. Those who want to learn traditional and folk cultural values can visit many ancient temples like Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Suthat, Wat Arun, or Wat Pho. There, visitors not only get a chance to see but also have a chance to learn about the king Kabilaprom who cut his head when he lost in the challenge with Prince Thammaban through the words of the monks.

Arriving in Bangkok Songkran season, visitors will not feel lost and bored. Banglamphu area, Rattanakosin square, Phra Athit, Santhichaiprakan, Wisut Krasat or West Khao San street are places where water splashes are busy and exciting.

If the trip is not made in time for the Songkran New Year, visitors still have the opportunity to experience the water festival in the coastal city of Pattaya, Chonburi Province. There, Wan Laay (Songkran) festival is held after the main Songkran festival (from April 18 to April 20).

Phuket is also an attractive address for the Songkran festival. Across the coastal streets like Soi Bangla or Patong, the atmosphere is always exciting with water splashing, partying, anthem and dancing.

Amazon tourism, biosphere reserve for humanity

AMAZON tropical rainforest is the largest nature reserve in the world spread across the territory of 9 South American countries. The name Amazon is always associated with the concept of biosphere reserves for humans.

For many years, Amazon became a very popular subject in the film industry and a challenge for film makers. Movies like Fitzcarraldo (1982), The Emeral Forest (1985), Medicine Man (1992), … weave stories, images of a mysterious Amazon. Close to the top, in Embrace of the Serpent (nominated for Best Film in the Foreign Language Oscar 2016), directed by Ciro Guerra, Amazon shows up clearly with black and white frames. There is always speculation about the survival behind the dense forest and the fast flow of the Amzon River, but once you are determined to seek experience, you will have extremely different feelings about this legendary place. .

A road to the forest emerald
I went around South America and spent most of my time in Peru by this country as a miniature planet with all the forms of an Earth. Peru has snow-capped Andes highland terrain, plain green valleys, surrounding deserts, dense rivers and streams, tropical rainforest … which you previously thought had to be discovered in many places.
Amazon in Peru is a combination of two ecosystems, tropical rainforests and rich river basins in terms of density of endemic flora and fauna. The average temperature usually ranges from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, the average humidity is relatively high at 75%. The floating water season of the river has a place of up to 40km, the estuary area sometimes opens up to 325km according to estimates and the water level rises above 7m. The boat floated on the largest river on the planet where its starting point also had an equally attractive name is the Andes alpine. Then the river divides into more than 1,000 branches that cross into a dense network that supplies 20% of global freshwater and flows into the Atlantic Ocean in huge amounts. The Amazon River forms the rich and hidden “muddy area inhabitants” under the flow of more than 3,000 species of fish and many new species found annually by researchers.
Forest are woven from pearl color
Tambopata Research Station is located deep in the forest of sparsely populated areas, only about 5% of the population including Aboriginal people with secluded tribes and the most remote in the system of research and conservation zones. Therefore, this is an ideal place to observe and participate in day and night, onshore and water activities.

The second largest forest area is only after Brazil, but because it accounts for 60% of the national area, Amazon is the largest in terms of coverage. Nearby South American countries are Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia. Isolation due to rugged terrain and wet tropical forests is an ideal place to shape a long and rich biota of endemic animals.

The earth we live in is surrounded by many green lungs that divide on continents, but the Amazon is still in the best position because of its potential power. Not only is the most biodiversity basin on earth, Amazon also holds a hidden beauty that has never been discovered by humans forever. Only when you come to Amazon will you understand the smallness of people before nature, and realize the terrible devastation of the human empire.

Reasons for tourists to visit Maldives once in life

The beautiful island of Maldives is located on the Indian Ocean, in southwestern India and Sri Lanka, including 26 atolls surrounding a territory of 1190 small islands, with 200 islands inhabited by people. Maldives is also the smallest country in Asia in terms of population and is also the country with the majority of the world’s smallest Muslims.

  1. For only 249 USD, you can fly to Maldives right now

Many people think that flights to Maldives will often be very expensive, but you can still hunt for cheap airline tickets here, namely flying with Tiger Airways. According to the company’s latest promotion, visitors only pay $ 249 for a round trip air ticket here.

 2. Typical culinary flavors

Maldives not only captivates people by the beautiful natural scenery but also by the very characteristic culinary flavors. Maldives cuisine revolves around mostly seafood dishes. Characteristics of the food here are usually hot, spicy and coconut flavor, but use very little vegetables.

A traditional meal consists of rice, clear fish broth called garudhiya and side dishes of lime, chili and onions. Besides, sip fish & chips when sunbathing on the beach is also a great way to enjoy Maldives tours. The curry is called riha by locals. It is also a dish that you should not miss when visiting Maldives.

3. Take the Maldives tour before the islands disappear

Famous as the lowest country in the world, with the natural average height of the territory is only 2.3m above sea level. So it’s no surprise that the Maldives is always at the top of the list of destinations about to disappear on the earth.

 4. Unique culture

One of the important factors contributing to the popularity of Maldives island paradise is the very own culture of a sunny, windy and sandy Indian Ocean. The Maldives identity is a rich mix. Different cultures due to the immigration of many residents around the world, especially the coastal areas of Sri Lanka and South India.

Coming here in addition to swimming, visitors will discover mosques, baths, tombs, Buddhist temples in Male – the capital of the Maldives.

5. Quality service level

With a luxurious, class resort Maldives meet all the needs of extremely luxurious rooms as well as professional service experience. Of the 200 large and small islands mined in the Maldives, nearly 90% of them are reserved for luxury resorts. Therefore, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the world’s best travel services.

Best things to take note when visiting Korea

Continue to talk about the best advice for a memorable trip to South Korean, the beautiful country, this article is about to give you other good tips to be ready any enjoy your time during your holidays.

Keep hygiene in the public

We often cope with troubles to find a toilet when we are on the go, so it is very good to know that there are public toilets along the streets in Korea. If you are worried that they may not be clean enough, one further thing to ensure that the public toilets are kept hygienic all the time to serve everyone. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, just use them. Nonetheless, it is not easy at all to find a dustbin on your way. Thus, if you cannot throw the trash in the dustbins, the only solution is to carry it along until you find one.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho public hygiene in korea

The best time to visit Korea

You should avoid going here in July or August, because the weather is extremely hot. During the time, Korean people often have their holidays and go to cooler places in other countries, fo example, to avoid the heat. It is recommended that the best time for a trip to South Korea is in the spring, somewhere between April and June, and after August.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho spring in korea

However, if your only time to have a trip to Korea is in July or August, it is still possible to have a good time here, because there are more interesting things in Korea than the hot weather. Remember to bring along a tube of sunblock and a brimmed hat, and some cooling gels. They may help a lot to keep you from the harsh weather. A pair of sunglasses is also helpful to protect your eyes from direct sunlight.

Drink water during your trip

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vending machine in korea

You cannot go on a trip to South Korea without carrying along some bottles of water. Some tourists who have travelled to this country said that it is possible to drink the tap water. Many have tried and experienced no stomach ache or sickness. However, if you want to purchase purified water, it costs no more than KRW 1,500 per bottle, unless you buy it in the crowded tourist areas. You can totally buy the bottles of water in convenient stores everywhere in Korea, or in the vending machines along the streets. It is not a big deal!