Travelling 7 wonders of the world in 7 days

Simon Wilson, 27, flew a distance of nearly 48,800 km around the world to reach the 7 wonders.

Premier Simon Wilson revealed he was leaving at 4:45 a Sunday, from Manchester airport, England to Rome, Italy, to visit the Colosseum. He stayed there for only two hours and flew back to Egypt, resting for 5 hours in the hotel before taking a taxi to visit the Pyramid and the Sphinx.

When the check-in was completed, Wilson flew to Jordan later that night and rented a room in a cave hotel for more than $ 50 per night. From here he is walking to the ancient citadel of Petra.

On the fourth day, the young man flew to India and had to sit in a taxi for 4 hours to reach the Taj Mahal in the 42 degree heat. He played here for an hour before flying to Beijing (China) to come The Great Wall of China.

On Friday, Wilson flew to Mexico and spent time at the ancient Mayan sanctuary Chichen Itza. Finally, he boarded a plane to Rio de Janeiro to see the Statue of Christ the Redeemer. At this time, the clock is 1:48, Saturday in the UK.

Wilson’s marathon lasted 6 days 9 hours and 3 minutes, before he declared at the last moment that he was exhausted. The total cost for Simon’s journey is 6,000 pounds, about 180,000 million. He returned to Manchester on August 4.

The baggage of this backpacker includes a bag of underwear, two T-shirts, pants, cameras … He determined to live off meals and snacks. During the journey, Wilson slept only twice in a bed – in a hotel and a cave, and the rest he took a nap on the plane, the airport and the taxi.

“There are many mistakes I can make, but without trying, I will never know if it will come true. To pursue this journey, you have to come and leave the airport continuously, to the wonders and come back. I really can’t believe I got over it, “Wilson said.

When planning initially, Wilson anticipated that he needed to follow the schedule. “Obviously you can postpone flights, have traffic problems … I booked the entire flight first and thought I would do it, but everything was out of my hands.” . With just one late flight, Wilson’s entire plan will fail.

In fact, despite being not delayed or canceled, Wilson also faced other difficulties. To fly from Beijing to Cancun, Mexico, this driver must transit in Los Angeles. “I travel to the US a lot and do not even have to think about applying for a new visa because I have had a visa for 5 consecutive years,” he said.

But when completing customs procedures in Los Angeles, Wilson was asked about the ESTA application. He thought that he only flew to Mexico, so he did not need this paper, but customs officials said that foreigners always need a visa to come to the US, even if in transit.

This blogger actually has that paperwork, but expired one day ago. Luckily, he had 4 hours of transit so the customs officer took him to the immigration bureau. There, border officers questioned papers and attempted to deport Wilson to England, but after hearing his seven wonders, they changed their minds. “They took me back to the airport and made sure I could leave on time,” the blogger said.

Despite spending very little time in each place, Wilson said his experience was unaffected: “You can go to a place 10 times, each time you still have a completely different experience. saw the wonders, met some interesting people. But I wish I had more time to visit? No, I feel complete already, and will set out to conquer new challenges again. “