Tips for a nice holiday tour to Korea

Are you exciting about a holiday trip to a country you highly anticipate? If it is Korea, there are some notes that you can base on to completely enjoy the journey.

Tour duration

To calculate a suitable period of time for the trip, you need to think about the places you want to visit in Korea first. With one week for traveling, there are still a lot of interesting destinations to be missed out. Point out your purpose of the visiting before starting off, whether you want to go shopping, experience the culture, or explore the most outstanding sceneries. Normally, a trip with mere purpose among them can take you from 8-10 days to enjoy all the best.

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Language for communication

It would be amazing if you know some Korean, the local language because many people here do not speak English. Even when you arrive in a city for tourism, the residents here tend to use their Korean and hardly start a conversation with English.

Some local people know Chinese, so this language also helps when you go shopping. On the other hand, when they cannot understand any language you use, you should express by hand and body gestures.


1 USD equals to 1,134 KRW. You may need to know this rate to easily calculate things when go shopping with cash. On the other hand, except for small vendors in the outdoor markets, in the shopping center, you can purchase things and pay with your credit card.

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Public transport

You can travel by train, cab or buses in Korea. It is easier for you to purchase a Korean T-money card to move between places by train. For each ride, it often costs KRW 1,250. If the distance is longer, the further fee is from KRW100-300. In addition, you can consider traveling on cabs because they are also cheap. To save money, you should catch an orange or silver cab instead of the black ones.

There are still tremendous things you should think of before a trip to Korea and enjoy your holidays. We will share with you further tips in the next articles!