GSTAAD, the world’s ski destination

The internet almost covers the world. Only a few points are “escaped” from the invasion of the virtual world. Places like the Amazon rainforest or the Gal Oya National Park in Sri Lanka are simply too far away to install a 3G antenna. Other places, like the village of Gstaad in Switzerland, are rarely mentioned on the world map, to protect the privacy of its residents.

Located in southwestern Switzerland, Gstaad is a lovely little village in the style of the famous Swiss Alpine. But don’t let this calm appearance fool you. This is where billionaires, nobles and stars come to enjoy the stillness. From the late Princess Diana and Grace Kelly; until Madonna and Julie Andrews. People who come here to resort often sleep early, get up early to go skiing.

Of course, you don’t need to be a billionaire to travel Gstaad. Follow us to enjoy the holiday like the billionaires at Gstaad.

Ski the permafrost at Glacier 3000
Glacier 3000 is the official ski area in Gstaad. The name 3000 implies this area is 3,000 meters high on the water. This is also where you can ski on the glacier (glacier). The ski area spans 10km, with views of the 24 peaks of the Bernese Alps (among them Mont Blanc and Matterhorn). To get to the Glacier 3000 ski area, you’ll take the cable car from Col du Pillon.

Walk across the Peak Walk by Tissot bridge
Atop the Glacier 3000 is a precarious suspension bridge. At 107 meters long, this bridge is made of steel and has the most advanced design to withstand winds of up to 200 km / h. The bridge connects the two peaks of the Diablerets in the Alps. Walking through this bridge, you can zoom out to see the other peaks from a bird’s wingspan.

Hit the dog cart on the ice
If you do not want to go skiing, you can enjoy another activity: dog sled rides led by husky dogs. The thick, energy-dense husky dog ​​will share with you the joy of running and jumping in the vast snowy breeze. You can go alone, or book a tour for a large group.

Enjoy Swiss food
As a resort area of ​​the upper class, Gstaad has no shortage of delicious and high-class restaurants. From the Botta restaurant on the top of Glacier 3000, let you have lunch while watching the top of the mountain. Come to Charly’s Tea Room, famous for its delicious coffee and local ingredients. Of course indispensable restaurant Michelin star: Chesery. This Michelin one-star restaurant is headed by Chef Chef Robert Speth and is located in a chalet-style chalet