Beautiful shades of the symbol of Japan – Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji – the highest mountain and also the proud symbol of Japan. With perfect shape and symmetry, this is also a popular destination that attracts many visitors every year. Most of them come to climb the mountain and participate in the festival at the foot of the mountain held only in July 2 and 8 every year.

Not only is the favorite place for those who love climbing, Mount Fuji also possesses breathtakingly beautiful scenery, the challenge of all photographers here to record the most beautiful photos. Whether it is a warm or winter spring in cold weather, the beauty remains intact, only the individual nuances from time to time create the irresistible charm of this sacred mountain.

Spring pink is filled with flowers and flowers
Traveling in Japan in the spring, you will admire the view of Mount Fuji, which is full of colorful cherry blossoms and warm scenery that creates a harmonious picture of color, making people feel at home. Peaceful to strange. Also from April to May every year, the Hoa Chi Anh festival will be held at Fujikawaguchilo, Yamanashi district. At this time, the pink fields covered with brilliantly colored flowers will add to the breathtaking part of the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji standing behind.

There are such bright golden summers
This is the time of the blooming sunflowers fields around the foot of the mountain, you will admire the most colorful, vivid flowers like waving to people to enjoy the charming mountain landscape. This is it. If you want to catch the full view of sunflowers and Mount Fuji, you should visit the flower park on Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi.

Compensated in autumn red leaves
In the autumn, the scenery around Mount Fuji is covered with bright red wings by trees that have changed leaves. This is also the season that attracts the most tourists when annually, Mount Fuji is only open within 2 months for people and international visitors to visit or conquer the mountain. The maple leaves are gradually changing, flooding every corner, covering the landscape of the mountain. The white of the snow on the top of the mountain adds to the bright red color of the maple leaves, which captures the artistic souls of people when they come here.

Snow white winter on Mount Fuji
So what about winter? If you travel to Japan at this time, it seems that the surrounding space is also deposited to harmonize with its cold climate. Tuyet also quickly took over the entire mountain, from the top to the top of the mountain, creating a picture of a white mist. For those who prefer to be quiet, find their own heavenly space, winter is the most appropriate season, you can come here, watching the whole view of Mount Fuji covered in pure white snow and record the most magical moments of the surroundings.

The place to receive the earliest dawn on Earth
When the first sun of the sun flashed on top of Mount Fuji every morning, the sky would be dyed red, this scene was called Akafuji or Red Fuji. Considered a good omen is a new day, the Akafuji phenomenon is often portrayed through a poem or image typical of this country. Depending on the time and the weather, you can see this amazing phenomenon from many areas, East Shizuoka Prefecture or Oshino Hakkai (a stream of Mount Fuji) or at Lake Yamanaka in the morning. early.

The phenomenon of “Diamond Fuji” is amazing
Every year around the end of December (Eastern solstice), there will be a magical moment when the sun is rising and the summit of Mount Fuji meets, strangely coincident that Japanese people know as present. Diamond Fuji statue. The bright aura of the sun is like a sparkling diamond on the top of a mountain, attracting photographers from all over to hunt this wonderful moment.