Why should go to Paris in the autumn once in a lifetime ?

Paris is too small for those who love this place too much’ (Jacques Prévert)
For many people, experiencing autumn in Paris even once in their life is always a desire, an urge, especially for travelers. In September, please come here, take a walk on famous streets, visit the favorite places and keep yourself beautiful pictures as a souvenir.

Romance filled everywhere

If you are a lover of film and literature, surely you will read or see the most impressive images of a romantic romance that always happens in Paris. Because, this is the most beautiful time of the year for you to fully enjoy the magic nature of this most romantic city in the world.
See the serene beauty of the Seine River banks

The Seine river drifted gently around Paris like a soft and smooth ribbon. Sitting on a tourist train, turning the stream on the river still leaves the yellow and red leaves from the trees on both sides slowly will be a certain experience to try when traveling Paris. You will see the architectural complex of museums, the church on the left – right of the Seine River such as Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, gliding across dozens of beautiful and famous bridges such as Pont Neuf, Alexandre III … You can also combine with the romantic dinner on board in the glistening wine yeast.

“Light capital” shimmering at night

Daytime Paris is already too poetic, and at night, Paris is equally attractive. When the sun went out, the whole city seemed to be completely transformed, from big buildings to small streets, like wearing a new coat. Paris with Monmartre hill, Sacré Coeur synagogue, Champs Élysée avenue, Arc de Triomphe … all are splendid. Especially the Eiffel Tower, which was coarse, big and gray in the daytime, was shimmering and unusually lovely under the colored lights.

Great food and coffee

The romantic beauty of Paris not only comes from the famous landscapes, but also by the irresistible attraction from cuisine, especially coffee and cakes. Paris is one of the most famous coffee culture and culinary centers in the world. To Paris without going to a coffee shop, visitors will “not see and no Paris”. Small, lovely cafes are present at every corner of the street, by the river, next to the square with simple wooden tables and chairs, and the spreading aroma of croissants that make it hard for visitors to resist.

Come back to Paris if you travel to France and feel the sweetest European taste yourself.