Reasons Why You Should Travel to Sri Lanka

With a tropical climate, beautiful beaches and inexpensive travel costs, Sri Lanka is the ideal vacation destination. Sri Lanka is the pearl of the Indian Ocean. This is a suitable destination for those who want to explore the local culture, love water sports and explore wildlife.

The country experienced 26 years of civil war and most recently a series of bombings on Easter Day in April 1919 that caused 259 deaths to still prevent the influx of tourists. The reason is that Sri Lanka has many unique dishes, many historical sites, diving resorts ranked by UNESCO; Charming railway, convenient for hiking, hunting and relaxing. In other words, it’s a tourist paradise.

The country has 26 national parks and 2 ocean parks. Yala National Park is the most famous of them, with the highest density of jaguar in the world. In addition, there are about 215 species of birds, crocodiles, 5 species of sea turtles and some other reptiles.

Next to Yala is Udawale National Park, home to countless elephants, rare birds like brown hawks and crested eagle eagles. Dove Island attracts many tourists by the marine ecosystem of 100 species of coral, 300 species of fish. Coming here, visitors should experience scuba diving to explore the ocean.

Sri Linka areas are affected by 2 monsoon seasons in different months. So, come here at any time of the year, visitors do not need to worry too much about the weather. The north of the country does not rain in May – 7. In contrast, October to January is the best time to travel to southern Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has many different dishes with typical spices. In it must include curry rice, cooked from lentils with chicken or fish, with vegetables served. Fish curry is popular with locals and recommended to diners. Kothu and funnel eggs are also the dishes you should try when coming here.

With diverse flora and fauna, Sri Lanka has many beautiful roads. Here, visitors can just climb, just watching the natural scenery with waterfalls, mountains hidden in the fog and hillsides covered with rice and tea. Occasionally along the way, there will be peacocks, deer wandering by the road.

For starters, the Demodara walkway at Ella Plateau would be an appropriate choice. For experienced people, don’t forget the Kirigalpotha or Knuckles mountain.

The triangle of the cities of Kandy, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa is home to many ancient cities, monuments and antiques, illustrating the ancient culture of Sri Lanka.

You can visit the Dambulla and Mihintale cave pagodas, where Buddhism was introduced into Sri Lanka. In addition, Sigiriya stone fortress and ancient temples are also not to be missed in this triangle area.