Jewel Changi Singapore – Airport Wonders

Enjoy the amazing “wonder” Jewel Changi
Awarded the title of World’s Best Airport, in six years of operation, Singapore Changi Airport has just revealed its brightest jewel – Jewel Changi.

This $ 1.7 billion combination of travel and routine is built to attract more tourists to spend time at Changi Airport, as well as attract Singaporeans to turn the airport. Changi is part of a play area, relaxing for their free time.

The heat of this place is more than ever. Since Jewel Changi opened its doors to the public on April 11, this place has attracted a lot of visitors, many travelers from all over the island come to see Singapore’s latest location.

With a 40-meter indoor waterfall, lush green indoor forests, along with international top shops, Jewel-only and exclusive dining outlets, 10 floors of Jewel Changi are definitely worthy for you to go to Changi Airport. From beautiful attractions to worthwhile culinary experiences, here are 11 reasons why you should visit Changi Jewel!

  1. HSBC Water Vortex
    One of the centers of Jewel Changi, the 40-meter-long HSBC whirlpool is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

This beautiful waterfall cascades from the glass ceiling to the basement, with a nozzle refracting sunlight to create a rainbow. Created from recycled rainwater, the Rain Vortex line is collected at the source and used to irrigate surrounding gardens.

2.Shiseido Forest Valley
The lush greenery and prosperous flora are what you want when you get inside an airport – but the Shiseido Forest Valley makes those greens more unique. This five-story indoor rainforest has more than 100,000 large and small trees, creating tranquil landscapes that visitors can spend a lot of time exploring.

3. Children’s playground and unique art
In addition to shopping and dining outlets, Jewel Changi also has many different nooks and green spaces that you can avoid to rest in the crowds.

One of these spaces contains interesting surprises – from the children’s playground to the miniature gardens and even the art of arranging organic blends into the environment.

4. Enjoy all Michelin Guide dishes in one place
With over a hundred dining options open at Jewel Changi, and will expand even further by the end of this year, you’ll have a wide selection of international cuisine.

In addition to famous international food and drink chains such as Shake Shack, A & W, The Alley and Emack & Bolio, Jewel Changi also has a wide range of Michelin-listed restaurants.