Tourist attractions in Santiago

Santiago de Chile is also known as Santiago, the city was founded in the 14th century by the Spanish and has now become the capital of Chile. Traveling in Santiago, you are not only overwhelmed by the bustle of a modern city but also surprised by the “ruins” works of the colonial days. Santiago is also a political, cultural and economic center of Chile’s financial importance.

Santiago is one of the really interesting cities, the more you learn, the more Santiago tourists discover new things in it. Vibrant cafes and dance clubs adorn Bellavista, the art collection of the pre-Columbo diverse Forest Park to contemporary and architecture that experiences colors from the 16th-century San Francisco Church until the office towers reflect light. Shop with locals at Panora Mico Shopping Center and enjoy a memorable meal with hearty Chilean food.

  1. La Moneda
    Inaugurated in 1805, this magnificent splendor was originally used as the Royal Chile Mint before becoming the official presidential palace and later the government headquarters. This is one of the historical monuments that Santiago tourists must visit when they come here!

When you have the opportunity to travel here, tourists will have the opportunity to see the front of the palace is extremely luxurious and elegant. The main construction is perfect symmetry between windows and columns. Inside, Santiago tourists also witnessed the presidential office with performances of the marching band.

2. Plaza de Armas Square
Santiago tourism, it would be a great regret if you missed Armas Square, a very special charm right in the middle of the beautiful capital. Plaza de Armas Square in Santiago is known as the heart, the soul because it is the center of this beautiful city.

3. Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino
Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, also known as the National Historical Museum. More than 5000 art-related works across Chile’s length of historical development are displayed here, including metals, textiles, ceramics, bones and skin.

4. Cerro Santa Lucia
If you feel too noisy and rushed by a modern, depressed lifestyle, look to Cerro Santa Lucia. On the eastern edge of downtown Santiago is Cerro Santa Lucía (Santa Lucia Hill). Enjoy the fresh air, admire the impressive collections of art and architecture, buy art and crafts at craft markets, which Santiago travelers should do.

5. Concha y Toro wine production area
Have you ever tried to enjoy the Chilean red wine brand G7? If not, go to the Concha y Toro wine producing region and enjoy them. With a picturesque setting, Santiago tourists don’t forget to push the chest full of breaths and scent the scent of grape on the trellis and look out over Maipo Valley.