Reasons Why You Should Travel to Finland

Located in Northern Europe, Finland has experienced 101 years of independence and development. Coming to Europe to travel, surely every visitor wants to come to Finland because this country has very interesting characteristics. Both Europe appears to be here, but here are things that are nowhere else. This article will show the attraction of Finnish nature, culture and people.

Finland is truly a dream country because of its sustainable peace, high population, modern life and picturesque nature. The Finns are hospitable and extremely polite.

Specifically, the crime rate in cities or urban areas and even remote areas is almost zero. Guests can comfortably go out for a walk at any time. And if anyone accidentally loses their wallet, the police will call the owner to return it soon.

Most people in Finland are calm and very polite. For customers and relatives, they are extremely humorous. When visiting a family, you will be entertained to the full and also invited to use very interesting specialties.

Apart from the prosperous economy and stable politics, Finland’s education also surprised the whole world. You will never see tired children wearing heavy backpacks coming to school. Children have to attend class very little and they are actively learning what they want and being oriented to a happy life. Finnish children are quite peaceful and independent.

Finland is also famous for its picturesque scenery. This place is a land of thousands of lakes and immense coniferous forests so this country has a huge number of tourists who love nature. Below are some famous destinations and activities.

  • John Church is an illustrious landmark south of Helsinki. The splendor and monumental architecture, but no less romantic, makes couples wishing to hold a wedding here to record the most beautiful impression of their life.
  • Nuuksio National Park has wild and diverse nature that visitors are extremely excited about. Imagine being in a fairy tale when walking in the middle of a pine forest, sailing on the lake, horse riding on the grass, climbing or skiing.
  • Aurora is a natural phenomenon that occurs only in the polar regions of the Earth. Therefore, Finland, the country of Northern Europe, is a rare place in the world where people can admire the aurora. The hotels with transparent roofs are an ideal place for travelers to relax in a warm space while watching the marvelous light strips.
  • Homeland of Santa Claus – Lapland: This is really the homeland of Santa Claus in the flesh. It is snowed almost all year round and there are hills that can overlook the beautiful sunset. Christmas in Lapland makes you unable to forget because of the joy and closeness and the extremely warm laughter.
  • Moomin World amusement park, or winter paradise, is located in Western Finland. The colorful houses in the middle of a snowy white region create a scene similar to a fairy. Games and activities in this park are popular with both children and adults.