Enjoy Korean Winter Through 2 Exciting Sports: Skating and Skiing

Winter, the season of snow and ice, is comming! Winter in Korea offers a lot of great activities and opportunities for visitors to enjoy only this season, which is skating and skiing! These are the most affordable winter leisure activities that visitors can easily join and are loved by all ages. The cold of the winter will not be a problem when visitors plunge from the top of the snow hill or slide the gentle steps on the ice.

Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink

Soaked in the lively atmosphere and surrounded by tall buildings from all sides, Seoul Plaza Skating Rink offers guests the opportunity to experience the feeling of skating right in the city. The skating rink opens at 10 am. After an hour of skating, the surface of the ice rink is sprayed again within 30 minutes. Admission tickets are sold at the ticket counter. Be present at the borrowed counter to borrow free skating equipment including skates, helmets and knee pads. Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink is not only an affordable location but also one of the most convenient places in downtown Seoul. Thanks to that, visitors can easily go by public transport to come here. There are also a number of tourist attractions nearby, such as the Deoksugung Palace.

Lotte World Ice Rink

This skating rink is located right in the third basement of Lotte World indoor theme park, one of the major amusement parks in Korea. There is a giant glass ceiling design that allows sunlight to shine through the ice rink which brings a fresh atmosphere in the skating rink. At night, the illuminated laser system makes the skating rink come alive than ever in the festive atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious dinner in nearby family restaurants or cafes and still enjoy the skating rink.

Seoul Arts Center Ice Rink

Seoul Arts Center Ice Rink is fully equipped from the spotlight system to the music to help the skater feel like they are performing on the stage, not just on the skating rink. Next to the skating rink, food trucks are always available to serve delicious delicacies such as tteokbokki, eomuk and drinks.

Korea Travel: 4 Beautiful Towns You Must Visit

With rich vegetation and unique culture, Korea always attracts many tourists. In addition to the outstanding economy, Korea is also famous for the most beautiful towns.


Damyang is located in South Korea. A district of many small villages, Damyang is famous for its rich bamboo forest. It also built a theme park and museum about bamboo. Visitors can see bamboo-made kitchen appliances or craft gifts, especially enjoying the new flavors of bamboo wine and ice cream.

For those who are passionate about climbing, you can prepare the necessary equipment to continue the journey to conquer the surrounding mountains like Byeongung and Chuwol after experiencing local specialties.


Located in the northwestern part of Korea, Deokjeokdo is only a few hours by boat from the mainland. Famous for its beautiful beaches suitable for relaxation and the romantic coastline, Deokjeokdo also satisfies visitors when bringing unique dishes with bold flavors of the sea. Although it is a small island, you will not find it difficult to choose resorts because of the wide range of hotels, motels and guest houses, ready to provide the most comfortable experience for visitors.


Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan, South Korea.

The port city of Busan is an interesting place to own separate landscapes from the beautiful stretching beach, bustling town to the ancient buildings interspersed. As the second largest city in Korea, Busan is located southeast of the mainland. The bustling place not to be missed when coming here is Haeundae, an arc-shaped beach that always attracts Korean tourists. If you want a more restful place, you can relax at other beaches like Daedepo or Songdo.


Every time the Cherry Blosom Festival is about to take place, Jinhae becomes the busiest destination in the country. People enlist to come here to save the beautiful moments with the cherry blossoms are blooming because after only 10 days of blooming, the petals will begin to let go down the road. The best place to enjoy cherry trees is Gyeonghwa Station, hidden under a series of trees. Try once experience on the train from the train station, you will find yourself no different from the princess out of fairy tales.