Itinerary to check-in 6 cities in Japan in 5 days

If you choose to stop by Osaka or Kyoto, you absolutely can set foot in many interesting Japanese cities and towns in the Kansai area.

Among the four major Japanese islands, the Kansai area is home to many cities to visit and experience the most if you choose to stop by Osaka or Kyoto. In 5 days in Kyoto, we went to a total of 6 cities, honestly no joke!

Moving schedule
Kyoto is an important economic and tourist city in Japan, located in the Kansai region. From Kyoto, you can catch trains and buses to many neighboring cities easily. You can refer to the schedule to explore 6 cities in 5 days below:

Day 1: Kyoto – Uji, Osaka

From Kyoto Central Station, you can reach Uji city by train for about half an hour. There are no trains in the inner city of Uji, but you can still walk to the very sights of Byodoin or the Monogatari Museum of Tales. The atmosphere in Uji is extremely clean, the scenery is very peaceful. Uji is also a famous matcha land.
Visiting Uji until about noon, you take the train down to Osaka to visit, walking until evening taking the train back to Kyoto is just beautiful. Osaka is famous for street food such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki … and iconic large signs.

Days 2 and 3: Nara Heritage City and Kobe Port City

In the morning, it takes about half an hour from Kyoto to Nara by train. Nara is a heritage city, famous for its well-built temples. Walking along Nara Park, you will take a thousand pictures of romantic deer walking around the city.

Kobe is a city with a strong Western culture. Many great buildings and structures and hundreds of beautiful souvenirs you can buy. In Kobe, there is also Koshien Stadium, the dream arena for Japanese baseball players. If the economy is abundant, try the premium Kobe beef for once.

Day 4: Miyama town

From Kyoto to Miyama it takes about 2.5 hours by train combined by bus. From Kyoto, take the train to Hiyoshi Station and then change to Nantan City bus to go directly to town. The bus does not have English but very easy to find. Inside Miyama, you can take a leisurely half-day walk to visit the thatched roof conservation house and take pictures. The whole town has only one eatery, one cafe and one bakery shop. However, the atmosphere and scenery in Miyama are superb.
Days 5 and 6: Around Kyoto

Spend about 2 days for Kyoto to relax and visit, admire the scenery, eat and drink because Kyoto is both modern but ancient and not as noisy as Tokyo. By train or bus, you can go to famous places such as Kiyomizu bridge temple, Fushimi Inari temple, bamboo forest in Arashiyama beautiful riverbank … Divide the time into 2 days to enjoy running out of space in Kyoto as well as taking lots of photos.