In Japan, there is a world of old people who are not alone

Japan, where the four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are favored by the mother of nature for the beauty of “charming marine painting”. Also Japan, where the young, enthusiastic and energetic people always try their best for their careers. But it is also there, people still hear about an aging country and there are countless colors of old people thrown away from the flow of life coldly emotionless. Is it really so scary?

Japan, the land of the rising sun, the destination of the whole world. Some people also praised Japan as follows: “Japan and the rest of the world.”

That gray array depicts Japan’s national society as a huge lonely crowd. In that crowd, the elderly people were knocked out of the flow of life coldly without emotion.
In fact, is Japan “scary” as we have been told?

  1. Urban

Chu du from the capital – the busiest city in the sunrise country is Tokyo, until the remaining busy cities such as Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka … we easily recognize one thing, Japanese people from old age Every child is independent, no one is bothered by anyone, no one is paying attention, but if you need help, one can help each other wholeheartedly and thoroughly. Helping each other out, whoever comes to work, the young person has the job of the young, the elderly have the job of the elderly. Absolutely, no one stepped on anyone, no one stepped slower than anyone.

Going through supermarkets – shops – star hotels in big cities mentioned above, you will often meet the elderly Japanese people with limbs fast, vivacious, resourceful, quick and enthusiastic. service you in a very effective way: arrange, introduce, take care, clean up … Even in the cashier counters, old Japanese people are also the majority. Coins of all sizes and sizes, large sheets of paper notes, and denominations made a young person like me reel and flinch. However, in front of me, people who are 3 to 4 times older than young people, quick hands and sharp eyes make me lighten my bags by adding and subtracting contributions – picking up small pieces of paper coins so The most convenient science. Before I knew what was going on, my hand was held back with the spotless exact charge bill.

2. Kyoto
Certainly, Kyoto is the most crowded place in Japan. The whole city is like a national festival every day. Not only Japan gathered in the ancient capital, but the whole world also happily lined up to be immersed in the pure and pure Kyoto.
From Tokyo or Nagoya or Osaka, you can come to Kyoto in many ways: extremely convenient buses, extremely fast shinkaisen trains.
Stepping down to Kyoto station, people were overwhelmed by many tourist lines intertwined with each other. Right at Kyoto station, there are many young people who are fluent in English voluntarily doing the job of introducing guests to the city bus routes. Kyoto old people also do not sit still. They had their own tables, prepared the printed map sheets with the introduction of interesting destinations, proactively waved to guests, and enthusiastically guided guests. Even when the language is disagreeable, in the hands of these seniors, there is the added protection that the machine is extremely advanced and accurate.

3. Countryside
After a time of eager check-in in every big city, the people who are shifting are aware of one thing: the countryside is really the place to keep almost the spirit-soul of the land. -human.
From Nagoya, I sat in a bus for nearly 3 hours on the high mountains of Hida, where there is a specialty of the delicious beef hida mountain, and stay in Takayama town.

Arriving, I was startled. Never have I been to any place. Many old people like that. Apparently, this small town is a huge nursing home.

Turns out, Takayama also had young people. However, young people who are attracted to big cities, should move Takayama to Tokyo and Osaka to enjoy life that is both flashy and flashy.

In Takayama, all old people, what will they do?

Japan’s Takayama is not gray. In front of each house, the elderly are all looking after the plants and flowers blooming. Looking at the town for a while, I was excited to realize, it turns out, the old Takayama elderly people made a great and hospitable travel together. Old people cook sake. Stir-fried elderly people, marinated in tea manually and then sell tea to sell cream matcha green tea. Old people draw postcards for sale. Old people make traditional souvenirs from extremely beautiful wood and sell them. Elderly people make junk food, the traditional fruit cakes taste very delicious and then sell them.