Things you should avoid doing when traveling in Venice

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, that is the thing that visitors need to keep in mind when traveling anywhere if you do not want to cause unnecessary troubles in cities and Venice is no exception.

Venice is known as the city of love, with extremely attractive destinations. However, Venice has its own rules and regulations that visitors need to keep in mind if you do not want to have to end your tour soon. Here are some things to keep in mind when coming to Venice:
Put garbage in the right place

Venice is a canal city with 175 canals, so the environmental issue is considered important for the city, because environmental pollution will seriously affect the city. When coming here, visitors absolutely must not litter on the road or canal. At the same time, you should throw your garbage in the right place if you accidentally see rubbish at your feet, because being near garbage will cause you to be misunderstood as a litterer and be punished.

Do not arbitrarily feed the pigeon
The cause of the ban, stemming from the acidic pigeon droppings, will quickly degrade ancient ruins in the city, and for the above reasons, since 2008, the city of Venice has decided ban tourists from feeding pigeons. Visitors can play or take photos with pigeons.
Do not stain or destroy relics

This is a ban not only unique to the city of Venice. You will have to pay a heavy fine or be expelled from the city if you paint graffiti on monuments, or take actions to dirty or vandalize monuments in the city.
In addition, since 2016, the city of Venice has banned the installation of love locks on bridges or city buildings, especially at the Rialto Bridge which is a place where tourists attach many love locks. Best. Acts of mounting the locks will be fined with a fine of 2.6 million.
Do not shower in canals or dress discreetly
Although there are many canals in the city, bathing in canals is prohibited in Venice. If you are found bathing or soaking in any canal in the city, you will be fined up to 11 million. In addition, the canal in Venice is not clean so the channel bath will not be good for the body.

Eat in the right place and do not go into areas where it is not allowed

Eating and walking in squares will immediately result in a fine of VND 5.1 million, and you must not go to unauthorized areas. Including walking or sitting not at the right place in St. Square Mark will also get you punished.
In addition to complying with the above, you can prepare yourself a thorough plan to visit the city of Venice is complete.