Benefits and experiences when traveling by bicycle

Good for health, convenient in moving, exploring many new destinations … are compelling reasons, worthy of you planning your cycling journey in travel.
Autonomy and flexibility: When traveling by bike, you will be more autonomous and flexible in the process of exploring new lands. You can go to any place you like at any time, there will be no cancellation of the trip without a ticket or a car to pick up.
Discover many new destinations: Bike travel allows you to discover all the attractive destinations of a new land. You will have the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful landscapes on both sides of the road, learn the unique traditional culture of the indigenous area easily that you may not experience when traveling by other means.
Meet many people: Cycling through new lands, you will easily receive friendly greetings from the natives, listen to them with directions on the nearest route, delicious food at street vendors, or convenient shopping places … These will cause the brain to release more endorphins to help you relax and be more excited.
Easy to camp in your favorite places: Traveling by bicycle can also help you more comfortable in camping, stopping at fatigue. It can be poetic streams, smooth green lawns, ripe rice fields or the blue lakes …

Experience traveling by bicycle
You are planning a bike trip, but you are still wondering, worrying about what to prepare, how to plan your trip.

The following will give you suggestions that will be useful for your trip. Especially when traveling by bicycle, the more you have to prepare yourself.

Choose your bike
Your bike has a decisive role in your trip. There are many vehicles for you to choose such as sports cars, mini cars, etc. However, when traveling by bicycle, people often use sports bikes, terrain bikes.

This type of vehicle has good speed, moderate weight, can walk on flat roads and rough, winding roads. Because your trip will have to go through many different paths. That’s why choosing a bike is extremely important.

Should use the back slung bag instead of backpacks
If you wear a bag for a long distance, it will be very painful for your back and difficult to move. If you tie your backpack to the back of the car, it is very inconvenient to pick up things, you have to open a rubber band to get it.

However, if you use a backpack on the back of the bicycle, it is very convenient, you can take things easily. But you also need to pay attention because traveling so you need to choose backpack type waterproof, waterproof, or you can also spread an extra layer of plastic on top of the backpack to protect against rainwater.