List the essentials for backpacking trips

The items you need to bring for a backpacker depend on the distance you plan to travel, the location of the stop, and the weather in that place. Basically, the longer the distance traveled or the longer the travel time (or both) in the harsh weather, the better the amount of clothes, utensils, food, and water you bring with you. .

In general, the following items should be on your list:

Stoves and fuel
First aid kit
Kitchen stuff
Personal belongings
Shoes or hiking
Other items you feel necessary
Clothes according to the weather
Sleeping bag and sleeping cushion

Note: the list of items to bring when traveling below is designed for trips to remote areas, self-sufficient, requires good self-care to ensure health. Some of the items on this list may not be necessary for short trips, near crowded, developed areas like city parks. You should adjust the list according to preferences and characteristics of the trip.

Items for backpackers
For every traveler, a backpack is an indispensable “companion” on any journey. 30 to 50 liter backpacks are often used for night trips, the larger ones are for long trips that require lots of food, water, clothes, and equipment. Other important.

Sleeping pad
Headlight or hand-held, backup battery
Lantern (compact type)
Trekking sticks
Tent, tent pile, lanyard
Lining under the tent
Sleeping bag
Waterproof backpack bag

Clothes and shoes
Before the trip, check the weather forecast and make sure your clothes and shoes match those forecasted weather types. To cope with erratic weather changes, bring some more clothes. In addition, you should also consider the sun protection of clothing (UDF parameters) if your destination has a strong sun.

Cooking utensils

Food and water

Orientation device

First aid supplies and for emergency situations

Hygiene and health items

Sunscreen widgets

Utility widgets

Other traveling equipment and devices