Safe Climbing Tips When Traveling

Adventure tourism is the current trend. In particular, climbing is the most popular activity. Let’s learn about the safety principles for your climbing trip!

Climbing time

You need to study the terrain to determine the appropriate travel time to achieve the end of the trip. In addition, if you want to go at the times of the rainy season, you should carefully remind yourself about the level of safety and personal experience.

Before each trip you should plan carefully and thoroughly for long trips with many difficulties. With these roads, you should learn carefully about the journey as well as the terrain of the road you go through to have the best preparation for the trip. For short trips with simple roads, you can go at convenient times of the year. Beautiful weather greatly affects the interesting of the trip, the quality of photos, health, and the level of safety of the main journey so you should learn more about the weather around the time you go.

Practice before starting the journey

Before each trip, you should be well prepared for your health before you go, such as: eating well, vitamin C limiting tobacco alcohol and getting 7 hours of sleep. The most important thing is that if you have a history of cardiovascular disease, you should not take mountain climbing trips. And if you are in the process of treatment, you should bring the medication for a few days.

Some notes before starting the climbing journey

In mosquito forest, squeezed, solid are the issues you need to consider. Before you go, go to pharmacies that buy you mosquito-repellent medicines.

During the trip, you should wear the most appropriate part of your right foot, choose a clean, clean resting place to avoid forest snakes. You should not arbitrarily eat forest fruits or vegetables unless you really know about it because otherwise you will probably encounter poisonous and dangerous vegetables.

Organizing a small, compact, suitable group for dangerous routes. Never forget to put personal safety first, not making risky, dangerous decisions for yourself and other team members.