Reasons for tourists to visit Maldives once in life

The beautiful island of Maldives is located on the Indian Ocean, in southwestern India and Sri Lanka, including 26 atolls surrounding a territory of 1190 small islands, with 200 islands inhabited by people. Maldives is also the smallest country in Asia in terms of population and is also the country with the majority of the world’s smallest Muslims.

  1. For only 249 USD, you can fly to Maldives right now

Many people think that flights to Maldives will often be very expensive, but you can still hunt for cheap airline tickets here, namely flying with Tiger Airways. According to the company’s latest promotion, visitors only pay $ 249 for a round trip air ticket here.

 2. Typical culinary flavors

Maldives not only captivates people by the beautiful natural scenery but also by the very characteristic culinary flavors. Maldives cuisine revolves around mostly seafood dishes. Characteristics of the food here are usually hot, spicy and coconut flavor, but use very little vegetables.

A traditional meal consists of rice, clear fish broth called garudhiya and side dishes of lime, chili and onions. Besides, sip fish & chips when sunbathing on the beach is also a great way to enjoy Maldives tours. The curry is called riha by locals. It is also a dish that you should not miss when visiting Maldives.

3. Take the Maldives tour before the islands disappear

Famous as the lowest country in the world, with the natural average height of the territory is only 2.3m above sea level. So it’s no surprise that the Maldives is always at the top of the list of destinations about to disappear on the earth.

 4. Unique culture

One of the important factors contributing to the popularity of Maldives island paradise is the very own culture of a sunny, windy and sandy Indian Ocean. The Maldives identity is a rich mix. Different cultures due to the immigration of many residents around the world, especially the coastal areas of Sri Lanka and South India.

Coming here in addition to swimming, visitors will discover mosques, baths, tombs, Buddhist temples in Male – the capital of the Maldives.

5. Quality service level

With a luxurious, class resort Maldives meet all the needs of extremely luxurious rooms as well as professional service experience. Of the 200 large and small islands mined in the Maldives, nearly 90% of them are reserved for luxury resorts. Therefore, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the world’s best travel services.