Reasons Why You Should Travel to Sri Lanka

With a tropical climate, beautiful beaches and inexpensive travel costs, Sri Lanka is the ideal vacation destination. Sri Lanka is the pearl of the Indian Ocean. This is a suitable destination for those who want to explore the local culture, love water sports and explore wildlife.

The country experienced 26 years of civil war and most recently a series of bombings on Easter Day in April 1919 that caused 259 deaths to still prevent the influx of tourists. The reason is that Sri Lanka has many unique dishes, many historical sites, diving resorts ranked by UNESCO; Charming railway, convenient for hiking, hunting and relaxing. In other words, it’s a tourist paradise.

The country has 26 national parks and 2 ocean parks. Yala National Park is the most famous of them, with the highest density of jaguar in the world. In addition, there are about 215 species of birds, crocodiles, 5 species of sea turtles and some other reptiles.

Next to Yala is Udawale National Park, home to countless elephants, rare birds like brown hawks and crested eagle eagles. Dove Island attracts many tourists by the marine ecosystem of 100 species of coral, 300 species of fish. Coming here, visitors should experience scuba diving to explore the ocean.

Sri Linka areas are affected by 2 monsoon seasons in different months. So, come here at any time of the year, visitors do not need to worry too much about the weather. The north of the country does not rain in May – 7. In contrast, October to January is the best time to travel to southern Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has many different dishes with typical spices. In it must include curry rice, cooked from lentils with chicken or fish, with vegetables served. Fish curry is popular with locals and recommended to diners. Kothu and funnel eggs are also the dishes you should try when coming here.

With diverse flora and fauna, Sri Lanka has many beautiful roads. Here, visitors can just climb, just watching the natural scenery with waterfalls, mountains hidden in the fog and hillsides covered with rice and tea. Occasionally along the way, there will be peacocks, deer wandering by the road.

For starters, the Demodara walkway at Ella Plateau would be an appropriate choice. For experienced people, don’t forget the Kirigalpotha or Knuckles mountain.

The triangle of the cities of Kandy, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa is home to many ancient cities, monuments and antiques, illustrating the ancient culture of Sri Lanka.

You can visit the Dambulla and Mihintale cave pagodas, where Buddhism was introduced into Sri Lanka. In addition, Sigiriya stone fortress and ancient temples are also not to be missed in this triangle area.

5 Best Places To Visit This Autumn with Your Family


The end of the year is when the country with the leading entertainment industry in Asia is in maple leaf season. A large number of visitors and tourists from other countries will come to Korea to admire the red leaf season.

Tourists can visit Nami Island, famous for its shady tree-lined streets. Come there, try cycling through the railway in the wonderful countryside of Korea. Besides, The Garden of Morning Calm is a suitable place for couples, families, groups of friends who want to see the romantic scenery, enjoy the quiet space and record beautiful images.


Japan is one of the favorite destinations not only for its natural landscape and culture but also for much delicious food and interesting activities for young people and families to experience.

In Osaka, Universal Studios is one of the interesting destinations for tourists who love famous literary works. You will visit the Hogwarts castle, Hogsmeade village. Visitors and families also enjoy fun in venues such as Spiderman, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Terminator and Shrek 4D performance. This theme park is sure to satisfy any moviegoer or thrill-seekers.


This beautiful island nation always makes visitors surprised by the architecture, the leading amusement parks in Asia. And this is also a shopping paradise with busy shopping centers around the clock.

Coming to Singapore, do not forget to visit Singapore River Safari. This resort is built to simulate the majestic rivers around the world such as the Nile River of Egypt, the Truong Giang River of China, or the Amazon River of South America with a variety of typical plants and animals. Visitors can learn about the history of the Congo River and whether the religious significance of the Ganges in India is, or the origin of the rare animals of the Mississippi region in North America.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland is a suitable choice for a trip with family and friends. Disneyland has many games, entertainment for children and adults. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to challenge themselves with interactive games and bring home souvenirs from the Karibuni Marketplace flea market. You can also meet old friends like Princess Jasmine and the god of lights in Aladdin, or even Lilo and Stitch.


Coming to Switzerland, you should visit the village of Engelberg with fresh air and the peaceful life of Western villages. Engelberg is located on the majestic Mount Titlis, featuring the long history of Benedictine and the famous cheese-making profession.

Enjoy Korean Winter Through 2 Exciting Sports: Skating and Skiing

Winter, the season of snow and ice, is comming! Winter in Korea offers a lot of great activities and opportunities for visitors to enjoy only this season, which is skating and skiing! These are the most affordable winter leisure activities that visitors can easily join and are loved by all ages. The cold of the winter will not be a problem when visitors plunge from the top of the snow hill or slide the gentle steps on the ice.

Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink

Soaked in the lively atmosphere and surrounded by tall buildings from all sides, Seoul Plaza Skating Rink offers guests the opportunity to experience the feeling of skating right in the city. The skating rink opens at 10 am. After an hour of skating, the surface of the ice rink is sprayed again within 30 minutes. Admission tickets are sold at the ticket counter. Be present at the borrowed counter to borrow free skating equipment including skates, helmets and knee pads. Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink is not only an affordable location but also one of the most convenient places in downtown Seoul. Thanks to that, visitors can easily go by public transport to come here. There are also a number of tourist attractions nearby, such as the Deoksugung Palace.

Lotte World Ice Rink

This skating rink is located right in the third basement of Lotte World indoor theme park, one of the major amusement parks in Korea. There is a giant glass ceiling design that allows sunlight to shine through the ice rink which brings a fresh atmosphere in the skating rink. At night, the illuminated laser system makes the skating rink come alive than ever in the festive atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious dinner in nearby family restaurants or cafes and still enjoy the skating rink.

Seoul Arts Center Ice Rink

Seoul Arts Center Ice Rink is fully equipped from the spotlight system to the music to help the skater feel like they are performing on the stage, not just on the skating rink. Next to the skating rink, food trucks are always available to serve delicious delicacies such as tteokbokki, eomuk and drinks.

Reasons Why You Should Travel to Finland

Located in Northern Europe, Finland has experienced 101 years of independence and development. Coming to Europe to travel, surely every visitor wants to come to Finland because this country has very interesting characteristics. Both Europe appears to be here, but here are things that are nowhere else. This article will show the attraction of Finnish nature, culture and people.

Finland is truly a dream country because of its sustainable peace, high population, modern life and picturesque nature. The Finns are hospitable and extremely polite.

Specifically, the crime rate in cities or urban areas and even remote areas is almost zero. Guests can comfortably go out for a walk at any time. And if anyone accidentally loses their wallet, the police will call the owner to return it soon.

Most people in Finland are calm and very polite. For customers and relatives, they are extremely humorous. When visiting a family, you will be entertained to the full and also invited to use very interesting specialties.

Apart from the prosperous economy and stable politics, Finland’s education also surprised the whole world. You will never see tired children wearing heavy backpacks coming to school. Children have to attend class very little and they are actively learning what they want and being oriented to a happy life. Finnish children are quite peaceful and independent.

Finland is also famous for its picturesque scenery. This place is a land of thousands of lakes and immense coniferous forests so this country has a huge number of tourists who love nature. Below are some famous destinations and activities.

  • John Church is an illustrious landmark south of Helsinki. The splendor and monumental architecture, but no less romantic, makes couples wishing to hold a wedding here to record the most beautiful impression of their life.
  • Nuuksio National Park has wild and diverse nature that visitors are extremely excited about. Imagine being in a fairy tale when walking in the middle of a pine forest, sailing on the lake, horse riding on the grass, climbing or skiing.
  • Aurora is a natural phenomenon that occurs only in the polar regions of the Earth. Therefore, Finland, the country of Northern Europe, is a rare place in the world where people can admire the aurora. The hotels with transparent roofs are an ideal place for travelers to relax in a warm space while watching the marvelous light strips.
  • Homeland of Santa Claus – Lapland: This is really the homeland of Santa Claus in the flesh. It is snowed almost all year round and there are hills that can overlook the beautiful sunset. Christmas in Lapland makes you unable to forget because of the joy and closeness and the extremely warm laughter.
  • Moomin World amusement park, or winter paradise, is located in Western Finland. The colorful houses in the middle of a snowy white region create a scene similar to a fairy. Games and activities in this park are popular with both children and adults.

Korea Travel: 4 Beautiful Towns You Must Visit

With rich vegetation and unique culture, Korea always attracts many tourists. In addition to the outstanding economy, Korea is also famous for the most beautiful towns.


Damyang is located in South Korea. A district of many small villages, Damyang is famous for its rich bamboo forest. It also built a theme park and museum about bamboo. Visitors can see bamboo-made kitchen appliances or craft gifts, especially enjoying the new flavors of bamboo wine and ice cream.

For those who are passionate about climbing, you can prepare the necessary equipment to continue the journey to conquer the surrounding mountains like Byeongung and Chuwol after experiencing local specialties.


Located in the northwestern part of Korea, Deokjeokdo is only a few hours by boat from the mainland. Famous for its beautiful beaches suitable for relaxation and the romantic coastline, Deokjeokdo also satisfies visitors when bringing unique dishes with bold flavors of the sea. Although it is a small island, you will not find it difficult to choose resorts because of the wide range of hotels, motels and guest houses, ready to provide the most comfortable experience for visitors.


Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan, South Korea.

The port city of Busan is an interesting place to own separate landscapes from the beautiful stretching beach, bustling town to the ancient buildings interspersed. As the second largest city in Korea, Busan is located southeast of the mainland. The bustling place not to be missed when coming here is Haeundae, an arc-shaped beach that always attracts Korean tourists. If you want a more restful place, you can relax at other beaches like Daedepo or Songdo.


Every time the Cherry Blosom Festival is about to take place, Jinhae becomes the busiest destination in the country. People enlist to come here to save the beautiful moments with the cherry blossoms are blooming because after only 10 days of blooming, the petals will begin to let go down the road. The best place to enjoy cherry trees is Gyeonghwa Station, hidden under a series of trees. Try once experience on the train from the train station, you will find yourself no different from the princess out of fairy tales.

Benefits and experiences when traveling by bicycle

Good for health, convenient in moving, exploring many new destinations … are compelling reasons, worthy of you planning your cycling journey in travel.
Autonomy and flexibility: When traveling by bike, you will be more autonomous and flexible in the process of exploring new lands. You can go to any place you like at any time, there will be no cancellation of the trip without a ticket or a car to pick up.
Discover many new destinations: Bike travel allows you to discover all the attractive destinations of a new land. You will have the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful landscapes on both sides of the road, learn the unique traditional culture of the indigenous area easily that you may not experience when traveling by other means.
Meet many people: Cycling through new lands, you will easily receive friendly greetings from the natives, listen to them with directions on the nearest route, delicious food at street vendors, or convenient shopping places … These will cause the brain to release more endorphins to help you relax and be more excited.
Easy to camp in your favorite places: Traveling by bicycle can also help you more comfortable in camping, stopping at fatigue. It can be poetic streams, smooth green lawns, ripe rice fields or the blue lakes …

Experience traveling by bicycle
You are planning a bike trip, but you are still wondering, worrying about what to prepare, how to plan your trip.

The following will give you suggestions that will be useful for your trip. Especially when traveling by bicycle, the more you have to prepare yourself.

Choose your bike
Your bike has a decisive role in your trip. There are many vehicles for you to choose such as sports cars, mini cars, etc. However, when traveling by bicycle, people often use sports bikes, terrain bikes.

This type of vehicle has good speed, moderate weight, can walk on flat roads and rough, winding roads. Because your trip will have to go through many different paths. That’s why choosing a bike is extremely important.

Should use the back slung bag instead of backpacks
If you wear a bag for a long distance, it will be very painful for your back and difficult to move. If you tie your backpack to the back of the car, it is very inconvenient to pick up things, you have to open a rubber band to get it.

However, if you use a backpack on the back of the bicycle, it is very convenient, you can take things easily. But you also need to pay attention because traveling so you need to choose backpack type waterproof, waterproof, or you can also spread an extra layer of plastic on top of the backpack to protect against rainwater.

Why should go to Paris in the autumn once in a lifetime ?

Paris is too small for those who love this place too much’ (Jacques Prévert)
For many people, experiencing autumn in Paris even once in their life is always a desire, an urge, especially for travelers. In September, please come here, take a walk on famous streets, visit the favorite places and keep yourself beautiful pictures as a souvenir.

Romance filled everywhere

If you are a lover of film and literature, surely you will read or see the most impressive images of a romantic romance that always happens in Paris. Because, this is the most beautiful time of the year for you to fully enjoy the magic nature of this most romantic city in the world.
See the serene beauty of the Seine River banks

The Seine river drifted gently around Paris like a soft and smooth ribbon. Sitting on a tourist train, turning the stream on the river still leaves the yellow and red leaves from the trees on both sides slowly will be a certain experience to try when traveling Paris. You will see the architectural complex of museums, the church on the left – right of the Seine River such as Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, gliding across dozens of beautiful and famous bridges such as Pont Neuf, Alexandre III … You can also combine with the romantic dinner on board in the glistening wine yeast.

“Light capital” shimmering at night

Daytime Paris is already too poetic, and at night, Paris is equally attractive. When the sun went out, the whole city seemed to be completely transformed, from big buildings to small streets, like wearing a new coat. Paris with Monmartre hill, Sacré Coeur synagogue, Champs Élysée avenue, Arc de Triomphe … all are splendid. Especially the Eiffel Tower, which was coarse, big and gray in the daytime, was shimmering and unusually lovely under the colored lights.

Great food and coffee

The romantic beauty of Paris not only comes from the famous landscapes, but also by the irresistible attraction from cuisine, especially coffee and cakes. Paris is one of the most famous coffee culture and culinary centers in the world. To Paris without going to a coffee shop, visitors will “not see and no Paris”. Small, lovely cafes are present at every corner of the street, by the river, next to the square with simple wooden tables and chairs, and the spreading aroma of croissants that make it hard for visitors to resist.

Come back to Paris if you travel to France and feel the sweetest European taste yourself.

Things that You Need to Know When Traveling to Singapore

Singapore is really an interesting land with many strange things that not everyone knows. Here are the strange but true things in Singapore that make you surprised when traveling to this country.

Singapore tourism is becoming increasingly attractive and attracting tourists around the world. Singapore has its own unique culture and rules that must be followed. Anyone before coming here will need to thoroughly understand this issue. Therefore, to have a fun, complete and meaningful trip, please note the following things.

  • Do not eat chewing gum on the street, if you do not comply, you will be severely punished.
  • Do not eat on the subway (MRT) otherwise you will be fined.
  • Present your passport when buying goods and request to receive a refund invoice (invoice value from $ 100-500 Sing), procedures to receive 7% tax refund at the airport.
  • Buy phone sim, use MRT card at the airport. You should buy EZ Link card to go all vehicles in Singapore.
  • Get the Singapore travel map and RMT map at the airport or tourist map at the hotels.
  • Try to use your right hand in social transactions, such as shaking hands or giving flowers or gifts.
  • Remove shoes before entering your own home or place of worship (except churches and synagogues).
  • If you want to give gifts to Singaporeans, you should ask over the reception for helpful advice.
  • Internet usage: if you travel to Singapore with a laptop, free wifi is everywhere, your motel may also have free internet, most public places, shopping malls, McDonalds, Starbucks, The library is free. But you need a phone number to register.
  • When traveling to Singapore, you should bring a visa/master card to book tickets or an online hotel, which will save a lot of expenses.
  • According to statistics, visitors usually reduce significantly in July and August. This is a good time for you to buy cheap flights to Singapore.

Hiking in Hong Kong

  1. Short hiking trails
    Those who love hiking often have easy access to Hong Kong’s hiking routes by bus or subway, and the hiking trails here are suitable for all levels. age and ability.

The 40-minute walk at Bride Lake in Tai Mei Tuk, with the lake named after a ghostly legend about a bride, a terrible storm and a sunken palanquin, but don’t let that story made you give up the idea. This scenic trail ends at a waterfall and a mirror-like lake (there are also facilities for a barbecue so you can rest and enjoy the view).

Ngong Ping Road with a time of 45 minutes takes you to panoramic view of Lantau from an altitude of 934 meters. You can easily reach this place by cable car. Combine with visiting the Great Buddha to make your trip perfect.

Experience a historic piece of Hong Kong on the Ping Shan Heritage Trail in Tin Shui Wai (30 minutes), home to the city’s oldest temple or follow the Cheung Po Tsai Ancient Road in Cheung Chau (45 minutes) to the hideout of the most notorious pirate in Asia.

2. Walking routes for families
Some hiking trails are great for parents, but sometimes children will have to try a little.

Have fun with the kids on the Hong Pak Country Trail in Quarry Bay, where they can paddle the streams, climb rock boulders and stone steps while you enjoy the view.

You can also visit the Family Trails on Lamma Island, a quiet paved trail with a gentle slope up to an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level for a panoramic view of Lantau Island and Cheung Chau.

Discover Hong Kong’s unique biodiversity at Hong Kong Wetland Park and Tsim Bei Tsui. Take a walk along the wooden bridge over the water to see lush mangroves, vast mudflats and diving water birds

Lobster Bay is a beautiful cove located at the top of Clearwater Bay, the setting of many Hong Kong films. You will have to climb the ladder in about 30 minutes, but the beautiful picnic spots and the kite hills will be a reward for you.

3. Difficult walking routes
If walking in the park with you is too light then luckily, Hong Kong is home to trails that only experienced hikers dare to experience.

TheSharp Peak is the name given to its high slope. This is a challenging walking trail even for experienced hikers, as it is more than 14.5 km long and takes about 7 hours to complete.

If you have strong legs, climb a thousand steps to Violet and Twins hills, and when you reach the top, you will have a great view of the Tai Tam reservoir and Stanley area.

The road to the second peak in Hong Kong, Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan) is also a difficult route. You will have to get up early and take 2 hours climbing to catch the most beautiful sunrise in Hong Kong.

4.Hiking and camping on the beach
Not only hills and mountains, Hong Kong also has some beautiful beaches, some of which are the most beautiful beaches to walk to.

Feel the vibe of the island on the walking path from Mui Wo to Pui O, the longest stretch of beach in Hong Kong, and end the walk with a brunch at the beach with the restaurant’s sandwiches Mavericks bar.

The MacLehose Track 1 takes you through some beautiful landscapes to Long Ke village, a perfect bay with turquoise water and white sand, which is an ideal place to pitch a tent and spend the night.

If you’re looking for a more secluded spot, the Tai Long Wan trail is one of the city’s most discreet spots. This route passes through 4 very pristine beaches: Sai Wan, Ham Tin, Tai Wan and Tung Wan.

Unique destinations but few tourists in Europe

Norwich in England or The Hague of tulip country is a city that is not known by many tourists.

If you are planning to travel to Europe but do not want to see dozens of selfie sticks or have to queue for long to visit, then the following destinations will be suggestions.

Orange, France
Orange is known as the “city of the Prince”, located in the south of France belongs to the province of Vaucluse and the region of Provences Alpes-Cote d’Azur, with warm temperatures all year round should be called the hottest city in France. .
Located between Rhône and Ventoux, right on the edge of the famous winemakers La vallée du Rhône and Provence des papes, the city of Orange is noted for the prosperous past of the Roman and Middle Ages in terms of food and courtesy. of the residents there.
The Antique Theater in the middle of the city as well as the Arc de Triomple form a special national historical site that is now recognized by Unesco.

While cities like Bordeaux are gradually attracting tourists with wine cellars and old architecture, Orange County in Vaucluse is less noticeable despite many interesting destinations.

Prominent among them is the ancient Roman theater Orange. In addition, you can visit the Arc de Triomphe and take a picture for yourself.

Norwich, England
Norwich city is famous for its ancient features, simple and winding slopes. When coming to Norwich you can admire the medieval architecture buildings are classified as the most beautiful of England. Norwich Church was built in 1096 and the roads in Colegate or Elm Hill are centuries-old buildings in the heart of the city. In addition, if you love exploring the history of England, the Tombland area which is known as the historic heart of Norwich will be a good choice.

The Hague, Netherlands
The Hague is a green city in the Netherlands. The street is spacious and airy with many large parks and green vegetation along the river banks. It has many historic buildings, museums, large galleries and is an interesting place to explore the people and the Netherlands.

Here, visitors can start the tour from Binnenhof palace, to Madurodam park – a miniature model city – built in 1952. Here, visitors will admire many castles, palaces , typical Dutch gable houses, gable houses, lovely canals, Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport model, factories, dairy farms, and windmills.