Chiang Mai: The Rose of Northern Thailand

Located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai city has a cool, pleasant climate all year round like Europe. Dubbed the rose of Northern Thailand, this place is famous for its majestic misty mountains and ancient buildings.

Chedi Luang Temple (Wat Chedi Luang)

In 1401, during the reign of King Saeng Muang Ma, the Chedu Luang temple was started construction. With its large and huge scale, the temple is not only a place of worship and belief of the people but it is also considered as a prominent symbol of the city. Still bring the unique architecture of Lanna. All decorative motifs on the works here are meticulously elaborate, sophisticated style of ancient Mayan architecture.

Phu Ping Palace

Because it is located on a high mountain in the Doi Buak Ha region, the climate here is always fresh and pleasant. Coming here, you will be overwhelmed by a scene filled with fresh flowers planted a lot along the entrance. From a distance, the palace is like being surrounded by a forest of beautiful flowers with colorful colors. Far away are the lush green forests year-round also home to many rare animals.

Chiang Mai Night Safari

In Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, a portion of the area was dedicated to the construction of the Chiang Mai zoo. A special thing when visiting this zoo is that you will be transported by tram to visit the animals here to ensure safety, and easy to move to different areas. This zoo is open day and night so for those who love animals and want to study about them, you can come here at night from 18h to 23h30.

Grand Canyon

A spectacular natural beauty that you cannot ignore when visiting Chiang Mai is the Grand Canyon. It brings a poetic beauty full of poetic always makes people excited once visited. Not only that, coming here you can also enjoy swimming in the cool blue water or watching the sunset gradually let go every afternoon.

4 Reasons You Should Travel to Korea In The Spring

Spring in Korea is green with cherry blossoms everywhere from March to the end of May. Spring and autumn are the best seasons when traveling to Korea.

Cherry blossoms at the Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace

Not surprisingly, the main palace in Seoul is home to a large collection of tall cherry blossom trees. In addition, you can also enjoy plum and apricot flowers at Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Lotus lantern festival at Jogyesa temple

In addition to cherry blossoms, the brilliant and spectacular Lotus Festival is also a sight not to be missed. There is no better season to visit Jogyesa Temple than the spring when Koreans prepare to celebrate Buddha’s birthday (late April – early May) during the Lotus Lantern Festival.

Having a giant lantern trail of 100,000 pieces from Dongdaemun to Jogyesa Temple is truly an authentic Korean experience. Even if you are not engaged in spiritual activities, the road to the Jogyesa temple is so beautiful that no one can resist taking pictures to share on social media.

Climbing Bukhan

Spring in Korea is arguably the best season. The temperature here is not too hot and not too cold, so locals and tourists like to spend time outdoors to bask in the perfect spring weather.

This is the perfect weather to climb Bukhan mountain. Walking to the top of the mountain can be very tiring, but seeing the great panoramic view of Seoul from the top will be worth the sweat and effort. Bukhan is also a hot spot after appearing in the Crash Landing On You drama.

Tulips in Everland

Each year, the annual Everland Tulip Festival has more than 1.2 million tulips with 110 different variations. Although tulips often bloom in warmer April weather, Everland has developed expertise in planting flowers that allow them to bloom in mid-March.

Tulips often bloom for the entire spring, making most parks worthwhile. Along with the gorgeous and attractive tulips, visitors can take part in a number of parades and outdoor music events just to mingle in the spring.

Discover 6 extremely beautiful beach destinations but few people know

  1. Sunset Sea, Oahu, Hawaii
    Contrary to the image of the rising waves challenging adventure lovers in the winter, Sunset Beach is also extremely famous for the calm water when diving in the summer day. Sunset Beach is located in North Shore area, Oahu Island, Hawaii. True to its name, this is one of the most beautiful sunset views in America; It attracts not only people here but also many tourists around the world
    For the convenience of exploring this beach, Turtle Bay Resort will be the perfect choice for gentlemen. Not only comfortable, this resort is also an extremely unique architectural complex. This is also the context of many famous movies. A multi-day holiday with your loved one on the deserted beach, why not gentlemen?
  2. The Sea of ​​Psarou, Mykonos
    Unlike the bustling Paradise and Super Paradise, Psarou Beach is extremely quiet and somewhat remote. Covered by majestic mountains, the water is very calm – suitable for guys who like diving as well as water sports activities.
    In addition, the island of Mykonos in Greece is extremely famous for Kebab. You can experience this extremely interesting dish at the surrounding restaurants; or if not, at the luxury yacht and accompanying services.
  3. The sea of ​​Matira, Bora Bora
    Bora Bora is a small island in the Polynesia region. With special terrain surrounded by lagoons and coral reefs, this is considered as one of the most unique places on the planet; separate from the human world.
    Matira Beach is located on the south side of the island. With white sand, blue water and coconut trees tilting in the wind, this is many tourists like the tropical paradise on Earth. In addition, the island has many interesting destinations for us to explore; For example, restaurants, bars and volcanoes have stopped working in the center of the island.
  4. The Sea of ​​Champagne, Vanuatu
    Vanuatu island nation is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, about 1,750km east of Australia. In addition, because the population in Vanuatu is still quite low, only about 300,000 people; The nature here is very wild and poetic.
    Champagne Beach is one of the most romantic places on the island of Vanuatu. The name of this beach comes from the bubbles in the water at low tide. That is also the reason why Champagne water is warm all year round, very suitable for diving with aquatic animals.
  5. Bantham Sea, South Devon
    Bantham is the most famous beach destination in South Devon, UK. Not as quiet as other places, Bantham Beach is especially famous for its strong waves; Attract thousands of surfing enthusiasts every year.
    The rest of the coast is quite untouched; with rocky mountain ranges and long grasses. In addition, there is also the Avon River flowing through. For those who do not like adventure, a kayaking trip along the river flow would be a great choice.
  6. The Four Mile Sea, Port Douglas, Australia
    Besides the world’s largest coral system, the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas is also extremely famous for the Four Mile beach destination. As part of the coral ecosystem, the Four Mile Sea is well preserved by its inhabitants. The current beach is still very clear, natural, wild.
    On weekends, there are also local fairs with many unique specialties. However, the most popular activity here is still diving. However, it should be noted that because the sea is quite pristine, it is home to many different types of marine animals. Visitors should follow the strict instructions of the locals; avoid agitation to the creatures.

Things you should avoid doing when traveling in Venice

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, that is the thing that visitors need to keep in mind when traveling anywhere if you do not want to cause unnecessary troubles in cities and Venice is no exception.

Venice is known as the city of love, with extremely attractive destinations. However, Venice has its own rules and regulations that visitors need to keep in mind if you do not want to have to end your tour soon. Here are some things to keep in mind when coming to Venice:
Put garbage in the right place

Venice is a canal city with 175 canals, so the environmental issue is considered important for the city, because environmental pollution will seriously affect the city. When coming here, visitors absolutely must not litter on the road or canal. At the same time, you should throw your garbage in the right place if you accidentally see rubbish at your feet, because being near garbage will cause you to be misunderstood as a litterer and be punished.

Do not arbitrarily feed the pigeon
The cause of the ban, stemming from the acidic pigeon droppings, will quickly degrade ancient ruins in the city, and for the above reasons, since 2008, the city of Venice has decided ban tourists from feeding pigeons. Visitors can play or take photos with pigeons.
Do not stain or destroy relics

This is a ban not only unique to the city of Venice. You will have to pay a heavy fine or be expelled from the city if you paint graffiti on monuments, or take actions to dirty or vandalize monuments in the city.
In addition, since 2016, the city of Venice has banned the installation of love locks on bridges or city buildings, especially at the Rialto Bridge which is a place where tourists attach many love locks. Best. Acts of mounting the locks will be fined with a fine of 2.6 million.
Do not shower in canals or dress discreetly
Although there are many canals in the city, bathing in canals is prohibited in Venice. If you are found bathing or soaking in any canal in the city, you will be fined up to 11 million. In addition, the canal in Venice is not clean so the channel bath will not be good for the body.

Eat in the right place and do not go into areas where it is not allowed

Eating and walking in squares will immediately result in a fine of VND 5.1 million, and you must not go to unauthorized areas. Including walking or sitting not at the right place in St. Square Mark will also get you punished.
In addition to complying with the above, you can prepare yourself a thorough plan to visit the city of Venice is complete.

Chinese Tourist Destinations Are Closed Due to Epidemics in Wuhan

Many famous Chinese tourist sites and historical sites are closed in an effort of Chinese goverment to prevent the spread of corona virus.

Forbidden City: Located in the heart of Beijing’s former city center, the Forbidden City has been the seat of power for nearly 500 years. That place was a palace of dynasties from the middle of the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with over 19 million visitors in 2019.

The Great Wall: A part of the Great Wall of China about 50 miles northwest of Beijing is also closed. The Great Wall of China attracts the most visitors with thousands of daily visits. The Great Wall is one of the oldest manmade structures still in the world. Some parts of this wonder are more than 2,000 years old.

Yonghe Temple: Dating back to the 17th century, Yonghe Temple is a famous Buddhist temple located in Dongcheng (Beijing) with an architecture that combines Chinese and Tibetan styles. This place was originally the capital of Yongzheng when he was a prince, was built in 1694. Yonghe Temple has many relics, including the famous Maitreya Buddha statue made of sandalwood.

National Museum of China: The National Museum on the east side of Tiananmen Square (Beijing) is one of the largest and most famous museums in the world. In 2018, about 8.6 million people visited the National Museum of China, which makes it the second most visited museum in the world after the Louvre in Paris.

National Library of China: As one of the largest libraries in the world, the Chinese National Library in Beijing has a collection of more than 37 million books.

National Art Museum of China: The Beijing Museum is home to modern and ancient Chinese works of art, including paintings, sculptures and porcelain. The construction of the national art museum of China was completed in 1962.

Shanghai Disneyland: Chinese New Year is a time when Shanghai Disney Park will often be crowded with tourists. However, this year, this entertainment venue must be closed during the holiday season.

Travel to these must-see women’s sports events in 2020

Did you know that a recent Nielsen survey says 84 consistent with cent of sports enthusiasts are interested by girls’s sports? It’s easy to plan your subsequent holiday round a prime women’s sports event, whether you’re scoring front-row tickets or simply chilling among video games.

From Canadian tennis celebrity Bianca Andreescu’s US Open overcome Serena Williams to the 1.1 billion soccer fans who watched the FIFA ladies’s world Cup, 2019 became a landmark 12 months for women’s sports activities. The Olympic 12 months of 2020 is shaping up to be simply as massive. We’ve covered a few encouraged eating places, activities, inns, and funky sports for each host town.

Scotties Tournament of Hearts – Moose Jaw
At the Canadian girls’s curling championship, 2020 marks the first 12 months that the winning team will earn the equal prize because the Tim Hortons Brier’s male winners. In Saskatchewan’s fourth-biggest city, count on an interesting Scotties match of Hearts showdown among the likes of 2014 Olympic gold medalist Jennifer Jones and 2017 global champion Rachel Homan.

Just a block from Mosaic region, the match venue, Rosie’s on River road serves nice pub fare like apple gorgonzola salad and BBQ chicken quesadillas. some other Moose Jaw preferred is Yvette Moore’s Gallery Cafe, which offers vegetarian spinach pie and gluten-free black bean brownie sundaes amid beautiful works by way of nearby artists.

View antique motors, planes, and tractors at the Western development Museum. test out colourful, immersive storytelling about bootlegging and gangsters on the Tunnels of Moose Jaw.

The Temple Gardens motel capabilities geothermal mineral water swimming pools at its luxurious spa. The provide hall lodge has great boutique hotels in a restored 1927-built property.

Olivia Howe made hockey history this season with the Moose Jaw Warriors. Moose Jaw employed the previous NCAA champion with Clarkson university because the first female WHL assistant coach of all the all time.

IIHF Women’s international Championship –Halifax
Halifax Will Olympic hockey superstar Marie-Philip Poulin captain Canada to its first IIHF women’s world Championship gold medal when you consider that 2012? Will Hilary Knight pass Cammi Granato for event desires file because the people win their 6th directly global title? Or will goalie Noora Raty backstop the never-say-die Finns to a protracted past due gold medal?

Questions abound as this increasingly popular tournament, co-hosted by means of Halifax and Truro, comes to pleasant Nova Scotia for the primary the all time considering that 2004. However there’s absolute confidence about the cost. A full 17-sport package deal in Halifax starts offevolved at $299, about similar to two common-priced tickets to a Toronto Maple Leafs home sport.

In Halifax, don’t pass over the lobster on toast or clean oysters at Edna, owned via neighborhood restaurateur Jenna Mooers. In Truro, power to Sugar Moon Farm for a maple-themed brunch, or dig into creamy seafood chowder at the corner and Cranny.

Halifax’s 1876-founded Waverley lodge has feather beds, Jacuzzis, and Victorian antiques. as an alternative, enjoy the wonderful perspectives at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront hotel. Truro’s logo-call lodges include the holiday motel and Hampton lodge.

Summer Olympics – Tokyo
Women’s soccer, tennis, and basketball might be a number of the big draws as Japan hosts the summer Olympics for the second one the all-time.

Women-run restaurants and bars are on the upward thrust in Tokyo. attempt Nadeshico Sushi’s seasonal sashimi and Tsurutokame’s traditional multi-route food. At Sake Scene Masufuku, sip 40 types of sake selected with the aid of owner Yukari Yanaba.

Need an artsy change of tempo from sports activities? Reserve tickets in advance to see modern artwork by using ninety-yr-antique legend Yayoi Kusama at her self-titled museum. Surreal, psychedelic light installations grace the Mori constructing virtual artwork Museum.

Inn rooms are going speedy for the video games. stay tuned for the mid-2020 opening of the highly-priced 4 Seasons resort Tokyo at Otemachi. woman-pleasant pill accommodations encompass Nadeshiko inn Shibuya and GRIDS Akihabara.

Ladies’s sports activities had been front and centre on the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. The host country won gold in girls’s volleyball, and Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina set the all-timethe best-ever Olympic medals record for women athletes.

Damask rose town

Damask roses grown in the town of Qamsar are considered the best, most fragrant and most beautiful flowers in the country.

Every spring, the town of Qamsar turns into a forest of flowers, with Damascus blooms blooming, giving off a fragrant aroma. This is also the time when people in this small area harvested to distill into rose water, supplying the whole world.

From the early morning, people have been on the flower fields, where the morning atmosphere is filled with the fragrance of flowers. Javad Jafari, a town resident, is engrossed in harvesting flowers. His hands were quick to break each cotton with respect and affection before dropping them into a long cloth tied from the waist to the neck.

Like many other rose pickers who are busy in the surrounding fields, Jafari started this job as a boy, now nearly 70 years old. At each harvest, from the end of May to mid-June, he usually gets up from 5am, prays and then fields. This is also the time when the town welcomes a large number of tourists from all over to watch farmers harvest and distill rose water.

When the sun was up, Jafari finished his harvest, with 15 kg of rose petals a day. They were taken to a distillery by a relative. This factory consumes tons of roses each season, the final product is rose water and herbs.

Although today there are many ways to distill perfume by machine, at the factory in town, people still use the traditional methods. Alireza, the son of the owner of a distillery, took the flower bag that Jafari had harvested with the others, then dropped them into a copper pot containing 70 liters of water and cooked it. The amount of distilled water more or less depends on whether you want to use a faint or concentrated perfume.

Despite the harsh economy in Iran, the rose water business is still growing strongly thanks to growing domestic and foreign demand. “We do very well. 50 years ago, there were only five factories producing rose water. Now it has quadrupled,” Alireza said.

Today, Qamsar is one of Iran’s major rose water producers. In addition to distillation, Damask roses are also used in cuisine and therapy. Persians also used rose water to cure headaches and water them on the new graves of the dead. Legend has it that the Prophet Muhammad used rose water to cure and purify the body. Therefore, this flower has another name, after the name of Muhammad, the rose Mohammadi. Also for the same reason that people harvest when they often show respect for the flowers.

Moreover, Damask rose water also plays an important role in religious services. Each year, Mecca in Saudi Arabia imports rose water from Qamsar and anoints around Kaaba (the building located in the center of the mosque’s yard) twice a year.

7 Reasons to Visit Bangkok in Your Lifetime

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, attracts visitors by its rich cuisine, diverse culture, unique sights and other special features.

1. Tuktuk

This is a typical means of transportation in Bangkok, small cars can wriggle quickly through crowded streets. The secret to getting a tuk tuk without losing money is to pay from half the price that the driver is available. In addition, Bangkok has very convenient modern public facilities such as BTS Skytrain and metro which make it easy to travel at a reasonable cost.

2. Land of the Buddha

Bangkok has many unique temples, often gilded or covered with bright yellow paint. Typical temples are Wat Pho, Wat Traimit, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Arun, Wat Saket, etc.

3. City along the river

It is highly recommended to buy a ticket for a tour along the Chao Phraya River (about 150 baht) to explore the scenery on both sides, especially famous landmarks such as the Royal Palace, the Jade Buddha Temple, Tha Maharaj Market, ICONSIAM, lovely coffee shop, etc.

4. Impressive night market

The night market is a specialty of Bangkok with lots of food and souvenir shops, antiques or affordable clothes. Rod Fai Night Market is often visited by tourists for their brilliant appearance and eye-catching.

5. The markets have a large area

Chatuchak Weekend Market or Pratunam Wholesale Market makes Bangkok a shopping paradise of the shopaholics. These places are very large with lots of shops selling everything from handicrafts, clothes, candies, cosmetics, etc.

6. High-class commercial centers

Siam Center, MBK, Central World, Platinum P or Pantip Plaza are majestic shopping centers that contribute to the glamor of Bangkok. In particular, there is the symbol of the Thai retail industry: the newly opened ICONSIAM with an area of 80,000 square meters, incorporates many new points such as indoor floating market, heritage museum with many works of art, or world-class cuisine restaurant.

7. Abundant cuisine

Many delicious dishes but very affordable prices are always available for visitors to enjoy at the night markets, famous food streets such as Khao San, Chinatown. Pad thai, Tom yum and Son Tam are traditional Thai dishes that always top the list of delicious dishes to try when coming to Bangkok.

5 Reasons Everyone Should Try Climbing

Tourism is one of the relaxing experiences, looking for new lands, a new journey to potential culinary culture and getting to know new people. There are many people who like to enjoy the experience, to go somewhere to enjoy the fresh air to enjoy the regional specialties there. However, there are some who want their travels to be more memorable, perhaps experiences like conquering a mountain. Besides bringing you memorable experiences, climbing has many other benefits.

1. Stop network connection, slow down and … breath

How often do you rush from point to point and don’t have time to breathe? Whether you’re on the rise to new corporate positions, building a business, or having family responsibilities, a lot of your life takes you away. Through climbing, you can take chances to feel the tranquility and freedom you deserve. Life is not always a tight schedule.

2. You will come very close to nature

Climbing is one of the great ways to travel, which gives you unexpectedly realistic experiences. You will see the most naked world through your own lens. The mountains will make you stunned, touched, touched the soul. This is a special feeling only when climbing. Lying on a green meadow under the starry sky or running around with mountain goats like little girl Heidi, you will not be able to get closer to nature than that.

3. Fitness!

When climbing, you often focus on the beautiful surroundings and at the same time you are burning energy like a machine! A sense of relaxation and refreshing oneself. Many trekkers lose about 2-3 kilograms after a week in the mountains. And this weight loss is completely healthy. You exercise your entire body, back, butt, chest, shoulders to climb. Nature is a great gym!

4. Life lessons

You will be far away from the bustling civilized world and embrace the calm serenity of nature. This is an opportunity for you to meet people from all over the world, to do different jobs and to make a strange friendship. Mountains will teach you to appreciate experiences and cultures beyond your limits. You will gradually give up selfishness and put in the most challenging situations. You see that the other world is big and your ignorance is very small.

5. You will regret not climbing when you are old!

Climbing is one of the great travel categories and most of us often say we like and love travel and then you put aside for the word “but”. But there are jobs, children, families and billions of others. As you get older, your life will only be passive and you can not control but certainly, your body will not indulge in the passion for travel forever. Let’s go climbing from now on!

8 landscapes were destroyed in the last decade

Historical buildings or natural landscapes have been destroyed due to erosion, climate change, fire …

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France

The fire occurred on the evening of April 15, 2019, when the 856-year-old building was under construction. The fire destroyed the entire roof and pointed tower of the church. The process of restoration of this monument can take decades, at a cost of up to 3.3 billion USD. This year is the first time in more than 200 years that the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has not celebrated Christmas.

Shuri Castle, Okinawa, Japan

On October 31, 2019, the 600-year-old castle was completely burned down during a major fire. The local government has raised more than $ 2 million to rebuild the castle.

Shuri Castle was originally built in the 14th century and restored twice in 1945 and 1992 after being devastated during the war. It is also expected to be a stop on the torch relay route for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, according to the BBC.

Tree “tunnel”, California, USA

The red tree, called “Pioneer Cabin Tree,” is called a “tunnel” tree by visitors. This is one of the most famous Calaveras Big Trees National Park since the late 1800s. However, this old tree fell in a storm in January 2017.

Azure stone archway, Malta

In March 2017, Azure stone archway collapsed into the sea after a severe storm. It was once a popular tourist symbol of the island nation of Malta, and appeared in the “Game of Thrones” series. In 2018, a Russian architect proposed to restore this stone arch, but the plan did not resonate.

Duckbill sandstone block, Oregon, USA

In September 2016, three visitors toppled the Duckbill sandstone block in Cape Kiwanda park. The rock initially shook only slightly, but then completely collapsed. Three young men said they destroyed the 18 million-year-old rock structure to avenge a friend.

Coral reefs on Christmas Island, Australia

Victoria University researchers said only 5% of Christmas Island’s coral reefs can survive the peak heat of the El Niño phenomenon from 2015 to 2016. Rising sea temperatures cause coral reefs. “bleached”, meaning they are sick and discolored. El Niño is a period when sea surface temperatures are warming, which can “affect the weather, ocean environment and marine fisheries over a long period of time,” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. .

Archway on the beach of Legzira, Morocco

This natural spot is located on Legzira beach between Mirleft and Sidi Ifni, on the Atlantic coast. The beach is famous for two arches formed by erosion. However, in 2016 one of the two gates suddenly collapsed. People worry that the other gate will soon fall over time.

Ancient Maya pyramid, Belize

In 2013, a 2,300-year-old pyramid at Belize was flattened for paving stones. This pyramid is located in the temple complex of Noh Mul, north of Belize. Archaeologists claim construction workers cannot mistake the 30-meter-tall building with an abandoned hill.