Budapest tourist destinations once appeared on film

The beautiful capital of Hungary has been increasingly chosen by film-makers as a backdrop for film and television productions, because of its charming “aftertaste” of Eastern Europe. As a result, the following 5 locations in Budapest become more familiar with visitors and are more sought after.

  1. Gellért Hotel and Baths
    Located on the banks of the Danube, Gellért Hotel and Baths appears in many Hungarian and foreign films. Opened for the first time in 1918, this beautiful building represented the architectural style of New Art in Hungary at that time.

Elizabeth Taylor was here with Richard Burton, when the actor filmed the movie Bluebeard (1972), and was awarded a heart-shaped diamond Taj Mahal worth up to $ 8.8 million. Madonna also appeared at Gellért while filming Evita (1996) – about the life of Eva Perón, an Argentine political leader, and the comedy I Spy with Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson.

2. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace
This work was completed in 1906 in the New Art school, now a luxurious hotel in Budapest. Room 179 here has been chosen by many celebrities.

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace has appeared in many cinematographic productions, such as the action comedy Spy starring Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law. Movie “believers” can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a movie while sipping a cocktail at the bar lounge here.

3. Bálna building
Called by locals for its shape, this building nicknamed the “Whale” (Bálna) is one of Budapest’s most modern structures on the banks of the Danube, by Dutch architect Kas. Oosterhuis design. There are enough shops, bars, restaurants, and also used as a conference center.

The location is set for NASA headquarters in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi movie The Martian, as well as appearing in the CBS television series Ransom. The studio also starred in blockbusters like Mars 2, Robin Hood, Blade Runner 2049.

4. Andrássy Boulevard and Oktogon intersection
Built in 1887 to connect the city center to the city park, Andrássy Boulevard is the perfect setting for big budget films. This tree-lined path recognized as a world heritage site is a must-visit for travelers to Budapest.

Walking on this beautiful avenue, visitors will come across many scenes that have appeared in films, such as Bel Ami (2012). This film, starring Robert Pattinson, turned the streets of Budapest into a 19th-century Parisian setting.

5. St. Stephen’s Basilica
Starting in 1851, this magnificent neoclassical church was not completed until 1905, under the design of various architects. This is the largest church in Hungary with a capacity of over 8,500 visitors, inside the interior has intricate ceiling paintings.

The streets around the cathedral have been featured in Tom Hanks’ blockbuster Inferno (2016) and NBC’s Royal Pains. Many scenes of Evita were also filmed in front of this church.

Swimming Pool In The Ocean: An Unique Experience in Australia

What do you think if you can immerse yourself in the cool water of the pool in the middle of the immense sea? To experience this, head to Bronte Baths in Sydney, Australia. If you are a swim and travel enthusiast, you definitely should not miss this exciting experience in beautiful Australia.

Bronte Baths is Australia’s most famous tourist destination with more than 100 years of age, which is located close to the beautiful Bondi beach. Bronte Baths is built on a small cliff adjacent to the clear blue ocean. Thanks to the special terrain, this place attracts a lot of tourists to have fun every year.

The bright white fence of the stairs leading down to the pool is a great place for devotees to travel freely and take photos. You can also walk along the edge of the pool and get up close to the ocean waves as they tap on the rocks separating Bronte Bath from the sea. It must have been the greatest time that you have never experienced before.

Not only that, Bronte Baths also owns a most romantic scene to admire the vast ocean intersecting with the horizon. The sun rises along the east coast so this is also a perfect place to watch the beautiful sunrise. Bronte Bath is open year-round, every day from 6h-18h30. However, if the pool is being cleaned or if the rough sea is too dangerous, management will temporarily close.

For the safety of visitors, the pool is surrounded by a net fence to prevent sharks from entering the pool by large waves or swimmers not falling into the sea. For tourists, Bronte Baths is a great place to spend the day immersed in the sun and enjoy the sea breeze. Unlike other places, this oldest saltwater pool in Sydney is free to everyone.

Where to Go in Argentina

Argentina is famous for tourism as it possesses beautiful natural wonders. In addition, modern and elegant cities also attract large numbers of visitors. However, if you are new to Argentina for the first time, check out the following destinations for a more fun and enjoyable trip.

Monte Fitz Roy

Monte Fitz Roy is one of the fascinating and interesting places to visit in Argentina. With a height of more than 3,375m, this majestic mountain is surrounded by white clouds, which creates a unique natural setting.

This is also the place where photographers choose to create countless stunning photos. And for those who love hiking and adventure, Monte Fitz Roy will certainly be the ideal destination for the most cheap Argentina tour itineraries.

Valdes Peninsula

This is considered a famous tourist destination in Argentina that attracts a large number of domestic and international visitors. This is a beautiful nature reserve, where visitors will have the opportunity to see many rare and endangered animals in the world. Besides, the Valdes peninsula is also a place where animals such as sea lions or tiger whales breed and nurture.

Perito Moreno Glacier

If you travel to Argentina, you should definitely not miss the Perito Moreno glacier, a great place to visit in Argentina that everyone wants to visit once. There, visitors can feel the coolness and splendor of the Perito Moreno glacier. In addition, visitors can also watch the giant, white ice. More specifically, you can also experience walking on it!

Iguazu falls

Located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu waterfall is also the most famous and attractive tourist spot in Argentina that you should visit. This is a place where visitors can enjoy a relaxing space with fresh and pleasant atmosphere. In addition, you can also watch the majestic white waterfall, blended with wonderful natural scenery. Certainly this place will leave you with a deep impression and unforgettable memories on your Argentina travel journey.

5 notes when traveling to Singapore

Wearing clothes suitable for the weather, enjoying local food, taking public transportation is something you should keep in mind.

From dining to transportation, knowing and understanding what to note in Singapore will make your trip complete and memorable.

Clothes suitable for the weather

Singapore has an average temperature of 26 – 34 degrees Celsius and a tropical climate will make your body sweat when going out. Bring the right clothes and plan to explore outdoors in the morning, walk the city at night. Remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat with you to avoid unexpected rains.

Public transportation is cheap and convenient

Public transport is the most economical way to get around the city. Singapore’s public transport system is modern and well maintained. Use EZ-Link card when traveling Singapore to use bus and subway. Also, use mobile apps to determine where you are and navigate where you want to go.

Understand the law

Singapore is famous for being a country with lots of laws and regulations, including penalties for spitting, smoking, or chewing gum in public. If you commit acts of vandalizing public property, you may be imprisoned. On a side note, you should not hold or hold anyone’s belongings while at the airport to avoid the unfortunate hassle.

Enjoy street food

A simple and effective way to save money on your trip is to skip the luxury restaurants and trendy cafes. Instead, food stalls at food centers are a good choice. Here, you can find local food and Michelin-starred street food stalls.

Specifically, you can enjoy the famous chicken rice at Liao Fan or Laksa noodles at Sungei Road Trishaw. If you want to check the food quality of restaurants, you can look at the sign. The letter A is the best and D may not be safe.

Tipping is not important

Tip culture does not exist in Singapore. The waiters did not expect guests to tip. However, you can tip them if you feel the service is good at the restaurant. Most shops and street food shops charge 7% service charge and tax on your bill. For luxury restaurants, the fee is 10% of the service charge, so in Singapore the tip is not necessary.

Travelling 7 wonders of the world in 7 days

Simon Wilson, 27, flew a distance of nearly 48,800 km around the world to reach the 7 wonders.

Premier Simon Wilson revealed he was leaving at 4:45 a Sunday, from Manchester airport, England to Rome, Italy, to visit the Colosseum. He stayed there for only two hours and flew back to Egypt, resting for 5 hours in the hotel before taking a taxi to visit the Pyramid and the Sphinx.

When the check-in was completed, Wilson flew to Jordan later that night and rented a room in a cave hotel for more than $ 50 per night. From here he is walking to the ancient citadel of Petra.

On the fourth day, the young man flew to India and had to sit in a taxi for 4 hours to reach the Taj Mahal in the 42 degree heat. He played here for an hour before flying to Beijing (China) to come The Great Wall of China.

On Friday, Wilson flew to Mexico and spent time at the ancient Mayan sanctuary Chichen Itza. Finally, he boarded a plane to Rio de Janeiro to see the Statue of Christ the Redeemer. At this time, the clock is 1:48, Saturday in the UK.

Wilson’s marathon lasted 6 days 9 hours and 3 minutes, before he declared at the last moment that he was exhausted. The total cost for Simon’s journey is 6,000 pounds, about 180,000 million. He returned to Manchester on August 4.

The baggage of this backpacker includes a bag of underwear, two T-shirts, pants, cameras … He determined to live off meals and snacks. During the journey, Wilson slept only twice in a bed – in a hotel and a cave, and the rest he took a nap on the plane, the airport and the taxi.

“There are many mistakes I can make, but without trying, I will never know if it will come true. To pursue this journey, you have to come and leave the airport continuously, to the wonders and come back. I really can’t believe I got over it, “Wilson said.

When planning initially, Wilson anticipated that he needed to follow the schedule. “Obviously you can postpone flights, have traffic problems … I booked the entire flight first and thought I would do it, but everything was out of my hands.” . With just one late flight, Wilson’s entire plan will fail.

In fact, despite being not delayed or canceled, Wilson also faced other difficulties. To fly from Beijing to Cancun, Mexico, this driver must transit in Los Angeles. “I travel to the US a lot and do not even have to think about applying for a new visa because I have had a visa for 5 consecutive years,” he said.

But when completing customs procedures in Los Angeles, Wilson was asked about the ESTA application. He thought that he only flew to Mexico, so he did not need this paper, but customs officials said that foreigners always need a visa to come to the US, even if in transit.

This blogger actually has that paperwork, but expired one day ago. Luckily, he had 4 hours of transit so the customs officer took him to the immigration bureau. There, border officers questioned papers and attempted to deport Wilson to England, but after hearing his seven wonders, they changed their minds. “They took me back to the airport and made sure I could leave on time,” the blogger said.

Despite spending very little time in each place, Wilson said his experience was unaffected: “You can go to a place 10 times, each time you still have a completely different experience. saw the wonders, met some interesting people. But I wish I had more time to visit? No, I feel complete already, and will set out to conquer new challenges again. “

Casinos Have Extremely Impressive Architecture that Will Surprise You

Are you a real gambler at the casino, or are you an enthusiast with architecture? Or even if you are an adventurous traveler, come to the most luxurious casinos below to once experience the great things.

Bellagio (Las Vegas, USA)

Located in the world’s largest hotel in the heart of Las Vegas, Bellagio is no different from the focus of all the attention in the mecca of these casinos. Coming to Bellagio, you will be completely convinced by the professionalism in the organization with thousands of service staff and the leading advanced gaming machine system.

Not only that, the accompanying services such as bars, luxury shopping or even resort travel are the great things that Bellagio offers for visitors. A closed loop of services and entertainment will make you completely satisfied. Even so, the cost at Bellagio is too expensive. Hope the money you spend to experience the luxury in the casino capital will be completely worth it.

Casino Baden (Germany)

Referring to the casino, everyone seems to think of Las Vegas or Macao but few know that the oldest casino in the world is in the heart of Europe. Casino Baden (Germany) is a famous place that people often mention when thinking about the origin of this luxury entertainment.

Visiting Casino Baden, you will feel the European characteristics that the majestic modernity in Las Vegas can never be. Baden is not just a gambling casino, but moreover, it bears the history of the time because the value of time gives Baden is equally impressive by any design.

Casino De Genting (Malaysia)

Casino de Genting is a lavish architecture worthy of the number one casino in Southeast Asia. With a staff of 13,000, it is undeniable that the size of the casino here. Casino De Genting expresses its prominence through the opulence in architecture and professionalism in service.

If you cannot visit the above places and still want to try this red and black game, you just need to visit online casinos.

Reasons Why You Should Travel to Sri Lanka

With a tropical climate, beautiful beaches and inexpensive travel costs, Sri Lanka is the ideal vacation destination. Sri Lanka is the pearl of the Indian Ocean. This is a suitable destination for those who want to explore the local culture, love water sports and explore wildlife.

The country experienced 26 years of civil war and most recently a series of bombings on Easter Day in April 1919 that caused 259 deaths to still prevent the influx of tourists. The reason is that Sri Lanka has many unique dishes, many historical sites, diving resorts ranked by UNESCO; Charming railway, convenient for hiking, hunting and relaxing. In other words, it’s a tourist paradise.

The country has 26 national parks and 2 ocean parks. Yala National Park is the most famous of them, with the highest density of jaguar in the world. In addition, there are about 215 species of birds, crocodiles, 5 species of sea turtles and some other reptiles.

Next to Yala is Udawale National Park, home to countless elephants, rare birds like brown hawks and crested eagle eagles. Dove Island attracts many tourists by the marine ecosystem of 100 species of coral, 300 species of fish. Coming here, visitors should experience scuba diving to explore the ocean.

Sri Linka areas are affected by 2 monsoon seasons in different months. So, come here at any time of the year, visitors do not need to worry too much about the weather. The north of the country does not rain in May – 7. In contrast, October to January is the best time to travel to southern Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has many different dishes with typical spices. In it must include curry rice, cooked from lentils with chicken or fish, with vegetables served. Fish curry is popular with locals and recommended to diners. Kothu and funnel eggs are also the dishes you should try when coming here.

With diverse flora and fauna, Sri Lanka has many beautiful roads. Here, visitors can just climb, just watching the natural scenery with waterfalls, mountains hidden in the fog and hillsides covered with rice and tea. Occasionally along the way, there will be peacocks, deer wandering by the road.

For starters, the Demodara walkway at Ella Plateau would be an appropriate choice. For experienced people, don’t forget the Kirigalpotha or Knuckles mountain.

The triangle of the cities of Kandy, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa is home to many ancient cities, monuments and antiques, illustrating the ancient culture of Sri Lanka.

You can visit the Dambulla and Mihintale cave pagodas, where Buddhism was introduced into Sri Lanka. In addition, Sigiriya stone fortress and ancient temples are also not to be missed in this triangle area.

5 Best Places To Visit This Autumn with Your Family


The end of the year is when the country with the leading entertainment industry in Asia is in maple leaf season. A large number of visitors and tourists from other countries will come to Korea to admire the red leaf season.

Tourists can visit Nami Island, famous for its shady tree-lined streets. Come there, try cycling through the railway in the wonderful countryside of Korea. Besides, The Garden of Morning Calm is a suitable place for couples, families, groups of friends who want to see the romantic scenery, enjoy the quiet space and record beautiful images.


Japan is one of the favorite destinations not only for its natural landscape and culture but also for much delicious food and interesting activities for young people and families to experience.

In Osaka, Universal Studios is one of the interesting destinations for tourists who love famous literary works. You will visit the Hogwarts castle, Hogsmeade village. Visitors and families also enjoy fun in venues such as Spiderman, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Terminator and Shrek 4D performance. This theme park is sure to satisfy any moviegoer or thrill-seekers.


This beautiful island nation always makes visitors surprised by the architecture, the leading amusement parks in Asia. And this is also a shopping paradise with busy shopping centers around the clock.

Coming to Singapore, do not forget to visit Singapore River Safari. This resort is built to simulate the majestic rivers around the world such as the Nile River of Egypt, the Truong Giang River of China, or the Amazon River of South America with a variety of typical plants and animals. Visitors can learn about the history of the Congo River and whether the religious significance of the Ganges in India is, or the origin of the rare animals of the Mississippi region in North America.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland is a suitable choice for a trip with family and friends. Disneyland has many games, entertainment for children and adults. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to challenge themselves with interactive games and bring home souvenirs from the Karibuni Marketplace flea market. You can also meet old friends like Princess Jasmine and the god of lights in Aladdin, or even Lilo and Stitch.


Coming to Switzerland, you should visit the village of Engelberg with fresh air and the peaceful life of Western villages. Engelberg is located on the majestic Mount Titlis, featuring the long history of Benedictine and the famous cheese-making profession.

Enjoy Korean Winter Through 2 Exciting Sports: Skating and Skiing

Winter, the season of snow and ice, is comming! Winter in Korea offers a lot of great activities and opportunities for visitors to enjoy only this season, which is skating and skiing! These are the most affordable winter leisure activities that visitors can easily join and are loved by all ages. The cold of the winter will not be a problem when visitors plunge from the top of the snow hill or slide the gentle steps on the ice.

Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink

Soaked in the lively atmosphere and surrounded by tall buildings from all sides, Seoul Plaza Skating Rink offers guests the opportunity to experience the feeling of skating right in the city. The skating rink opens at 10 am. After an hour of skating, the surface of the ice rink is sprayed again within 30 minutes. Admission tickets are sold at the ticket counter. Be present at the borrowed counter to borrow free skating equipment including skates, helmets and knee pads. Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink is not only an affordable location but also one of the most convenient places in downtown Seoul. Thanks to that, visitors can easily go by public transport to come here. There are also a number of tourist attractions nearby, such as the Deoksugung Palace.

Lotte World Ice Rink

This skating rink is located right in the third basement of Lotte World indoor theme park, one of the major amusement parks in Korea. There is a giant glass ceiling design that allows sunlight to shine through the ice rink which brings a fresh atmosphere in the skating rink. At night, the illuminated laser system makes the skating rink come alive than ever in the festive atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious dinner in nearby family restaurants or cafes and still enjoy the skating rink.

Seoul Arts Center Ice Rink

Seoul Arts Center Ice Rink is fully equipped from the spotlight system to the music to help the skater feel like they are performing on the stage, not just on the skating rink. Next to the skating rink, food trucks are always available to serve delicious delicacies such as tteokbokki, eomuk and drinks.

Reasons Why You Should Travel to Finland

Located in Northern Europe, Finland has experienced 101 years of independence and development. Coming to Europe to travel, surely every visitor wants to come to Finland because this country has very interesting characteristics. Both Europe appears to be here, but here are things that are nowhere else. This article will show the attraction of Finnish nature, culture and people.

Finland is truly a dream country because of its sustainable peace, high population, modern life and picturesque nature. The Finns are hospitable and extremely polite.

Specifically, the crime rate in cities or urban areas and even remote areas is almost zero. Guests can comfortably go out for a walk at any time. And if anyone accidentally loses their wallet, the police will call the owner to return it soon.

Most people in Finland are calm and very polite. For customers and relatives, they are extremely humorous. When visiting a family, you will be entertained to the full and also invited to use very interesting specialties.

Apart from the prosperous economy and stable politics, Finland’s education also surprised the whole world. You will never see tired children wearing heavy backpacks coming to school. Children have to attend class very little and they are actively learning what they want and being oriented to a happy life. Finnish children are quite peaceful and independent.

Finland is also famous for its picturesque scenery. This place is a land of thousands of lakes and immense coniferous forests so this country has a huge number of tourists who love nature. Below are some famous destinations and activities.

  • John Church is an illustrious landmark south of Helsinki. The splendor and monumental architecture, but no less romantic, makes couples wishing to hold a wedding here to record the most beautiful impression of their life.
  • Nuuksio National Park has wild and diverse nature that visitors are extremely excited about. Imagine being in a fairy tale when walking in the middle of a pine forest, sailing on the lake, horse riding on the grass, climbing or skiing.
  • Aurora is a natural phenomenon that occurs only in the polar regions of the Earth. Therefore, Finland, the country of Northern Europe, is a rare place in the world where people can admire the aurora. The hotels with transparent roofs are an ideal place for travelers to relax in a warm space while watching the marvelous light strips.
  • Homeland of Santa Claus – Lapland: This is really the homeland of Santa Claus in the flesh. It is snowed almost all year round and there are hills that can overlook the beautiful sunset. Christmas in Lapland makes you unable to forget because of the joy and closeness and the extremely warm laughter.
  • Moomin World amusement park, or winter paradise, is located in Western Finland. The colorful houses in the middle of a snowy white region create a scene similar to a fairy. Games and activities in this park are popular with both children and adults.