Nature Tourism Combines Fruit Picking in Japan and Things to Note

Nature tourism combines fruit picking in Japan and things to note

Nature tours are no longer strange to tourists, but the trend of natural tourism combined with fresh fruit picking is very popular today.

Fruit picking is currently very popular in Japan. Both locals and tourists especially love this kind of activity. Many farms across the country offer fruit harvesting services included in tours for visitors. The basic procedure is that visitors pay a certain amount of time, after which they are entitled to pick and enjoy the fruit on the spot.

Farms usually charge between 1,000 and 3,000 yen, depending on the type of fruit picked. Grapes and plums tend to be a bit cheaper while peaches and cherries are usually more expensive. The time allowed usually ranges from 30 to 60 minutes and some farms have a longer amount of time for visitors to pick many fruits in one session.

Occasionally, there are some farms that charge based on the weight of fruits that visitors can pick up. Depending on the time period, the weather of the year and the specific location, there are different kinds of fruits for the collection. Some of the most popular fruit seasons in autumn-winter are estimated to be peaches, grapes, apples and tangerines.

Guests can choose from a variety of ways to participate in fruit picking activities. One of the most convenient options is to join the bus tour organized by the tour company. For those who prefer to travel dust, some farms are welcome while others require reservations, usually via email or phone.

In this country, visitors can visit provinces like Yamanashi to enjoy Cherry fruits in April and May, or harvest apples and peaches in June – July. Or if you want to enjoy the sweetness of melon then the fruit gardens in Ibaraki are a destination not to be missed.

In addition to the fruit picking experience, Japan is a country with many traditional festivals and majestic and magnificent ancient architecture suitable for young tourists who like to explore the culture and history of the country of the Rising Sun.