How to make money while traveling

Have you ever thought about making money in your trip? Below is a list of suitable jobs for both traveling and earning and saving money.

1. English teacher

In many parts of the world, including Vietnam, foreign tourists are often hired to teach English at a softer price than native teachers. If you want to do this job, it is not enough to communicate fluently, you must have grammar capital. According to the Just One Way Ticket website, English teaching can help tourists earn $ 17,000 a year in Korea.

2. Blogger

Free travel is possible for bloggers. Of course, you don’t simply keep writing travel experiences, someone will read. This job requires a lot of preparation time. The first is to build content with a unique perspective on tourist destinations. After that, you need to find ways to link with influential units or people to advertise your article. Once accepted by many readers, there will be travel agencies, hotels invite you to stay free to promote their hotels and services.

3. Sell photos and videos

You can comfortably enjoy your travel and take your photos for sale. There are many websites for photo sales like Alamy, Smugmug or 500px. Of course, photos for sale should ensure strict conditions for layout, color, noise and more. Besides, you also need to have international trading experience to receive commissions from photo sales.

In addition to selling photos, selling videos can also help you make money from your travels. If the footage on your travel itinerary is of good quality, many publishers and tourism businesses are willing to spend money to buy them at quite high prices. All you need is a camera (or camera) and a laptop with movie editing software.

4. Hotel staff

During high season, many hotels and homestays are always overloaded. They are willing to hire tourists to work as part-time or full-time employees, such as room service or reception. Some places will pay by cash but there is also a place to pay by staying for free. Either way, this job helps visitors save a lot of money for travel.