Greenland – The new site of the world tourism industry

Greenland – the icy land of the mythical Nordic region is becoming hotter than ever in this year-end tourist season, after notable remarks from US President Donald Trump.

According to Intrepid Travel, the world’s largest travel company, statistics show that the traffic to Greenland travel websites has increased dramatically, reaching 237% this August. Visit Greenland, a government-led tourism association, has also recently reported a shift in the trend of finding winter travel destinations, travel agencies and Greenland residents. .

The red world’s sudden attention to this small nation came when President Donald Trump expressed his intention to buy the Greenland, Denmark’s free land. The exchange of super-political positions has inadvertently become good news for the Greenland economy in general and the Greenland tourism service in particular.
Interesting things of Greenland that not everyone knows
Greenland is one of the rare lands in the world that retains the wild and traditional lifestyle of the Northern people of the past. Ice towers, not skyscrapers, no hustle of urban and industrial smog, the fascinating facts of this land are enticing all curious, adventurous guests. to explore.


Lovely meaning from the name “Greenland”
Anyone who hears about Greenland will probably laugh and wonder, “Why is this cold country called Greenland – the green land?” The answer came thousands of years ago, when the leader of the Reds Erik was the Red. Iceland island nation was sentenced and banished to the snowy mountains. During his years there, he named the area Greenland, in the hope that when there was a beautiful name, the land would become green and the indigenous people would become more affluent. And after thousands of years, the desire of Lord Erik has come true, when it is true that Greenland is now much warmer, and visitors can enjoy a true “green land” in the summer too.
Giant “white island nation” is covered with ice
Looking at Greenland on the world map, you can feel some of the vastness of this place. It is the largest island nation in the world, with an area of ​​over 1 million square kilometers (3 times that of Vietnam!). Nearly 80% of this country is located on giant ice sheets, and some places have ice layers as thick as 30km! You will be really more shocked when you step there, feel very small before the extremely wild and majestic nature, before the great glaciers and the frozen river Sermed Kujalled of Northern Europe. This glacier has been honored by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2004.