Discover 6 extremely beautiful beach destinations but few people know

  1. Sunset Sea, Oahu, Hawaii
    Contrary to the image of the rising waves challenging adventure lovers in the winter, Sunset Beach is also extremely famous for the calm water when diving in the summer day. Sunset Beach is located in North Shore area, Oahu Island, Hawaii. True to its name, this is one of the most beautiful sunset views in America; It attracts not only people here but also many tourists around the world
    For the convenience of exploring this beach, Turtle Bay Resort will be the perfect choice for gentlemen. Not only comfortable, this resort is also an extremely unique architectural complex. This is also the context of many famous movies. A multi-day holiday with your loved one on the deserted beach, why not gentlemen?
  2. The Sea of ​​Psarou, Mykonos
    Unlike the bustling Paradise and Super Paradise, Psarou Beach is extremely quiet and somewhat remote. Covered by majestic mountains, the water is very calm – suitable for guys who like diving as well as water sports activities.
    In addition, the island of Mykonos in Greece is extremely famous for Kebab. You can experience this extremely interesting dish at the surrounding restaurants; or if not, at the luxury yacht and accompanying services.
  3. The sea of ​​Matira, Bora Bora
    Bora Bora is a small island in the Polynesia region. With special terrain surrounded by lagoons and coral reefs, this is considered as one of the most unique places on the planet; separate from the human world.
    Matira Beach is located on the south side of the island. With white sand, blue water and coconut trees tilting in the wind, this is many tourists like the tropical paradise on Earth. In addition, the island has many interesting destinations for us to explore; For example, restaurants, bars and volcanoes have stopped working in the center of the island.
  4. The Sea of ​​Champagne, Vanuatu
    Vanuatu island nation is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, about 1,750km east of Australia. In addition, because the population in Vanuatu is still quite low, only about 300,000 people; The nature here is very wild and poetic.
    Champagne Beach is one of the most romantic places on the island of Vanuatu. The name of this beach comes from the bubbles in the water at low tide. That is also the reason why Champagne water is warm all year round, very suitable for diving with aquatic animals.
  5. Bantham Sea, South Devon
    Bantham is the most famous beach destination in South Devon, UK. Not as quiet as other places, Bantham Beach is especially famous for its strong waves; Attract thousands of surfing enthusiasts every year.
    The rest of the coast is quite untouched; with rocky mountain ranges and long grasses. In addition, there is also the Avon River flowing through. For those who do not like adventure, a kayaking trip along the river flow would be a great choice.
  6. The Four Mile Sea, Port Douglas, Australia
    Besides the world’s largest coral system, the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas is also extremely famous for the Four Mile beach destination. As part of the coral ecosystem, the Four Mile Sea is well preserved by its inhabitants. The current beach is still very clear, natural, wild.
    On weekends, there are also local fairs with many unique specialties. However, the most popular activity here is still diving. However, it should be noted that because the sea is quite pristine, it is home to many different types of marine animals. Visitors should follow the strict instructions of the locals; avoid agitation to the creatures.