Covid-19: How to Protect Yourself When Traveling

US CDC has shared the best ways to help keep your trip safe during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Stay far away from who have Covid-19 symptoms

Like the seasonal flu, the flu caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has a direct transmission mechanism when you come into contact with body fluids secreted from an infected person. You will become infected when you accidentally inhale those small saliva particles. Therefore, you should try to avoid contact with people who exhibit symptoms similar to pneumonia or the common cold, such as cough or runny nose. The recommended safe distance is at least 1.8m.

Wash your hands often

Using antibacterial soap to wash your hands at least 20 seconds. Do not touch any part of your face with unwashed hands. Travelers should wash their hands after touching money, public objects (doorknobs, wipers), wash their hands before putting their hands on their faces or masks (dirty masks also make you sick).

Dry hand sanitizer should only be used in the absence of soap and water. Note, travelers should use dry hand gel with alcohol content of 70% or more to ensure safety for themselves. In particular, avoid using homemade, unofficial hand-made gels / lotions on social networks.

Use a mask properly

You think you are safe when using a mask but actually when your hands are dirty, your mask may get dirty if you touch the mask. That’s when you get infected. While masks don’t stop infection completely, they can help you limit direct contact with suspected body fluids.

Do not use aircraft blankets and pillows

Guests should prepare their own blankets and pillows to protect their health.

Things to do after the flight

If you feel unwell after the trip, you should see your nearest doctor. Talk to your doctor about where you went and what you did on your trip, including any animal bites, bugs or scratches.