Fantastic things to do in nightlife Bangkok

A bustling city with lovely people, special cuisine and vibrant nightlife, Bangkok attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. Despite its reputation as a noisy capital of Thailand, Bangkok still offers lots of fun activities for all ages, from large shopping centers, romantic dinner yachts to shows ladyboy comedy-music-dance performances and night clubs. We together gathered favorite activities to do when in Bangkok at night so you can have a perfect evening here!

  1. Visit the night market: Patpong
    One of Bangkok’s best night markets, Patpong Night Market is known for its vibrant, intense atmosphere and a wide range of items such as tourist souvenirs, t-shirts, pirated DVDs, fake fashion accessories. signs and other crafts. Small stalls selling traditional Thai dishes, delicious snacks and desserts, as well as many large international branded fast food outlets such as McDonald’s and Burger King. The original price was calculated by the seller in a “challenging way” so don’t be afraid to pay the price very much. One thing to remember, this market is located in Bangkok’s red light district, with clubs and bars lining up many streets, so pay attention to where you want to go.
  2. Enjoy dinner on high: Baiyoke Sky Restaurant
    Located in the most beautiful hotel in the city, Baiyoke Sky Restaurant gives you an excellent dining experience with impeccable service and sweeping views of Bangkok. Immerse yourself in the charming décor of the restaurant and enjoy delicious dishes such as seafood, Thai dishes, pasta noodles, cheese, famous Beijing roasted duck, chocolate tower and dishes Other sweet is prepared by many “best” chefs in Bangkok. After a dinner, take the elevator up to the Observatory and the automatic observation point for 360-degree city views from the hotel’s 84th floor.
  3. Experience shopping culture in the night mall: Asiatique The Riverfront Area
    Located on the banks of the famous Chao Phraya River, Asiatique is a huge night market and shopping mall with over 1500 shops and 40 restaurants under one roof. The market is conveniently designed and organized with four main categories, with an enclosed free map of shops and restaurants that make it easy to find your way in this huge shopping area. Lots of charming shops and a variety of Thai fashion brands as well as shops selling “chestnut” products are not too expensive, and luxurious dining options of Italian and Thai restaurants and seafood, you will definitely find what you like. Asiatique also has the famous Calypso Cabaret performance, one of the best ladyboy (transgender or prosthetic) programs in Bangkok. With the glamorous and glamorous dance performances of the best “ladyboys” and the real-life screenings of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, this is a hard-to-miss performance in Bangkok. Discover many things to do at the Asiatique shopping area then stroll the night along the promenade to admire the magnificent Chao Phraya River!

Beautiful Korea in night scenery

Besides the dreamy scenery, popular Korean destinations during the day, you definitely shouldn’t miss the beautiful Korean scenes when night falls. In the daytime, romantic and romantic scenery is how much, when the night falls, the lights make this place become more sparkling and fanciful than ever. The beauty of Korea at night is a unique feature that makes the number of tourists coming to this country increasing.

Beautiful view of Korea at night is the best thing
Namsan Tower, Dongdaemun Night Market, Hangang River Cafe, Dolsan Bridge, Apgujeong Area, etc. are all familiar names for those who love the beauty of Korea at night? For those of you who intend to travel to Korea, you should pocket these places.

  1. Namsan Tower- South Korea’s beautiful scene symbol at night
    Namsan Tower, built in 1969, opened to tourist visitors starting in 1980, is not simply a television tower and the first radio station in the city, this is also the place to visit. attract a large number of tourists. This is one of the most beautiful Korean scenes at night that attracts most tourists thanks to its nighttime vibrancy, with 70 illuminated lights and constant color changes.

Besides the vivid colors, you can also sit the cable car up to the observation platform to see the whole beautiful scenery of Korea at night sparkling and fanciful in the bright lights.

2. Dongdaemun’s night life
Not only is the attraction at night, the bustle at Dongdaemun night market has also created a beautiful scene in Korea at night.

Dongdaemun Night Market is famous for numerous clothing stores, an interesting place to experience and admire the activities of Korean people at night. Coming here, you will feel like just waiting for the sunset to be hawker stalls, restaurants, shopping malls, concerts, fashion shows … The bustle and excitement here you only have can feel at night to see all the attraction of it. Dongdaemun Night Market is open daily from 20:00 to 05:00 am.

3. Enjoy the beautiful Korean scenery at night on the Hangang river cafe
If you want to see the western landscape of Seoul, you cannot ignore the unique cafe on the Hangang River. Unlike many cafes that open daytime tourists, the Lookout cafe on the Hangang River warmly welcomes many tourists to relax. With a beautiful, modern design, Lookout cafe is one of the most popular places to admire beautiful Korean images. The shop has many delicious drinks such as: tea, fruit juices or serving traditional dishes such as barbecue … Come to lookout, you can not only enjoy the beautiful view of Korea at night but also enjoy a piano performance monumental and completely free. The restaurant is open daily from 10:00 to 02:00 am to serve customers.

4. Dolsan Bridge
Located in the west of Jeolla Province, Dolsan Bridge is Korea’s longest cable car park, which is also one of the most beautiful Korean scenes that you can’t ignore every night. When night falls, the sparkling lights illuminate each other to create an extremely brilliant and magnificent scene. If traveling to Korea, don’t miss this place

5. Korean beautiful scenery at night in Han River
The Han River winds through the city of Seoul, which is also the place that divides the city into two parts: North and South River. North is a place to keep traditional values ​​with many palaces bringing solemnity and purity. South is again a highly developed economy with the Rich Gang nam district. It is this difference in development that makes the scene more diverse and attractive.

Enjoying the beautiful view of Korea at night in the Han River, you will not feel a bit regretful, the lights along both sides of the river and high-rise buildings on both sides make the scenery romantic but no less delicate.