Budapest tourist destinations once appeared on film

The beautiful capital of Hungary has been increasingly chosen by film-makers as a backdrop for film and television productions, because of its charming “aftertaste” of Eastern Europe. As a result, the following 5 locations in Budapest become more familiar with visitors and are more sought after.

  1. Gellért Hotel and Baths
    Located on the banks of the Danube, Gellért Hotel and Baths appears in many Hungarian and foreign films. Opened for the first time in 1918, this beautiful building represented the architectural style of New Art in Hungary at that time.

Elizabeth Taylor was here with Richard Burton, when the actor filmed the movie Bluebeard (1972), and was awarded a heart-shaped diamond Taj Mahal worth up to $ 8.8 million. Madonna also appeared at Gellért while filming Evita (1996) – about the life of Eva Perón, an Argentine political leader, and the comedy I Spy with Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson.

2. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace
This work was completed in 1906 in the New Art school, now a luxurious hotel in Budapest. Room 179 here has been chosen by many celebrities.

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace has appeared in many cinematographic productions, such as the action comedy Spy starring Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law. Movie “believers” can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a movie while sipping a cocktail at the bar lounge here.

3. Bálna building
Called by locals for its shape, this building nicknamed the “Whale” (Bálna) is one of Budapest’s most modern structures on the banks of the Danube, by Dutch architect Kas. Oosterhuis design. There are enough shops, bars, restaurants, and also used as a conference center.

The location is set for NASA headquarters in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi movie The Martian, as well as appearing in the CBS television series Ransom. The studio also starred in blockbusters like Mars 2, Robin Hood, Blade Runner 2049.

4. Andrássy Boulevard and Oktogon intersection
Built in 1887 to connect the city center to the city park, Andrássy Boulevard is the perfect setting for big budget films. This tree-lined path recognized as a world heritage site is a must-visit for travelers to Budapest.

Walking on this beautiful avenue, visitors will come across many scenes that have appeared in films, such as Bel Ami (2012). This film, starring Robert Pattinson, turned the streets of Budapest into a 19th-century Parisian setting.

5. St. Stephen’s Basilica
Starting in 1851, this magnificent neoclassical church was not completed until 1905, under the design of various architects. This is the largest church in Hungary with a capacity of over 8,500 visitors, inside the interior has intricate ceiling paintings.

The streets around the cathedral have been featured in Tom Hanks’ blockbuster Inferno (2016) and NBC’s Royal Pains. Many scenes of Evita were also filmed in front of this church.

Top Most Romantic Hotels in The World for Couples

Couples always want to enjoy romantic moments in their own world. Therefore, hotels and resorts for lovers are born. Here is a list of the 15 most romantic hotels in the world that couples should not miss.


Cavas Wine Lodge is a romantic hotel located in the heart of the Mendoza wine region, Argentina. Coming here, visitors will experience the picnic in the center of Mendoza wine region and the system of rooms facing the West – the Andes. All make perfect space for couples who are looking for private space for both. After a day of cycling or horse riding around the vineyard, you can enjoy the relaxation with professional services at Spa as a therapy with wine or massage.


Located in the forest of the Russian river valley, Farmhouse Inn is a romantic complex with a creamy and private yellow house system that surrounds the farm with chic Barnyard style. Farmhouse Inn consists of 25 separate spa rooms, in which each room has a large fireplace, the bath uses organic soap as a haven for paradise lovers; with friendly staff, ready to assist visitors when needed. In addition, when she came here, she and he could register to participate in wine cellar tours if either loved this drink or enjoyed a romantic candlelight dinner at famous restaurants nearby.


The buildings in the classical architecture with vineyards, olive trees and centuries-old gardens have created luxury resorts Timbers, Italy. Castello di Casole covers an area of more than 1,700 hectares, built in the 10th century. Here, couples can walk together from wooden houses to forests, grasslands or join classes Cooking using local food. If you don’t want to go far away, you and your partner can try rejuvenating spa treatments, perfect massage services or take a dip in the medieval pool. In addition, you are intending to propose marriage to her, ask the hotel staff lightly, they can introduce you to the famous jewelers in the area.