Adventure travel: Zorb in New Zealand

For some people, traveling to relax is not enough. It must be a challenge, even a little risk. Since 2009, the adventure tourism market has grown 65% annually. If you love the thrills, let’s go to New Zealand to try Zorbing sport.

Zorbing rolling ball is a game originating from New Zealand invented by David & Andrew Akers. The game is also known by many other names such as Globe Riding, Spherering, Orbing and in Phuket it is also called Superd.

Players will be taken inside a large plastic ball and released from the hill slopes. It can often roll up to 800 meters and the speed can be up to 50 kilometers per hour. Players will experience the feeling of acrobatics in a washing bucket of a giant washing machine. Be careful because you will have a gut feeling. However, this game is also contraindicated to unstable and weak travelers who may feel dizzy if they cannot keep their balance.

The balls are usually quite impressive with double lines inside a small ball and empty air. The inside and outside balls are connected by many small nylon strings. These balls have a path to the inside of the small ball that looks like a tunnel. For balls playing on the water, air will be pumped into the ball to provide oxygen to the player and the two ends of the ball will be sealed to prevent water from entering.

Although considered relatively safe, zorbing also causes some trauma, most of which comes from players falling and bumping while fleeing the ball. Some other accidents come from the lack of oxygen in the balloon cage. Currently, insurance companies refuse to sell services and pay premiums for zorbing deaths. Even the Consumer Product Safety Commission is still campaigning to ban the sale of zorbing balls on U.S. However, if you really are an adventurous traveler, you should not ignore New Zealand and Zorbing!