4 Reasons You Should Travel to Korea In The Spring

Spring in Korea is green with cherry blossoms everywhere from March to the end of May. Spring and autumn are the best seasons when traveling to Korea.

Cherry blossoms at the Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace

Not surprisingly, the main palace in Seoul is home to a large collection of tall cherry blossom trees. In addition, you can also enjoy plum and apricot flowers at Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Lotus lantern festival at Jogyesa temple

In addition to cherry blossoms, the brilliant and spectacular Lotus Festival is also a sight not to be missed. There is no better season to visit Jogyesa Temple than the spring when Koreans prepare to celebrate Buddha’s birthday (late April – early May) during the Lotus Lantern Festival.

Having a giant lantern trail of 100,000 pieces from Dongdaemun to Jogyesa Temple is truly an authentic Korean experience. Even if you are not engaged in spiritual activities, the road to the Jogyesa temple is so beautiful that no one can resist taking pictures to share on social media.

Climbing Bukhan

Spring in Korea is arguably the best season. The temperature here is not too hot and not too cold, so locals and tourists like to spend time outdoors to bask in the perfect spring weather.

This is the perfect weather to climb Bukhan mountain. Walking to the top of the mountain can be very tiring, but seeing the great panoramic view of Seoul from the top will be worth the sweat and effort. Bukhan is also a hot spot after appearing in the Crash Landing On You drama.

Tulips in Everland

Each year, the annual Everland Tulip Festival has more than 1.2 million tulips with 110 different variations. Although tulips often bloom in warmer April weather, Everland has developed expertise in planting flowers that allow them to bloom in mid-March.

Tulips often bloom for the entire spring, making most parks worthwhile. Along with the gorgeous and attractive tulips, visitors can take part in a number of parades and outdoor music events just to mingle in the spring.